Update 4/10/2018

Fuaaa..... Good morning, Sabishii desu!! Oh, it's already spring. I really slept a lot, huh. I have a bad news for those who following Dungeon series. I won't be translating it until an undetermined time limit. I want to finish Sonomono series as fast as possible so I can move to my next project. On that note, if anyone interested to take over its translation, then go ahead. That's all. See you in the next post, somewhere in the (near)future :D

Sonomono Chapter 161

Sabishii desu!! I changed my writing style a little. Well, it was not something major, I just replaced [.....] with "....." to make it more dialogue-like. I will translate dungeons chapter next. See you later! Chapter 161 - Well, It's a Prolog

Sonomono Chapter 160

The next morning. My consciousness was slowly aroused because of some kind presence near me. That wasn’t Meru's. Or rather, I couldn't feel her presence around which could be meant that she went out for her morning stroll or went out to see her mother. Did everyone sneak in again? Yesterday I forgot to lock the door because I was mentally exhausted, and I didn't put anything to block the entrance either. Well, it can't be helped............... Chapter 160 - The Third Assassin?

Sonomono Chapter 159

Sabishii desu!! I couldn't reach my proofreaders since two days ago (I guess they're busy), so feel free to correct any mistakes. Chapter 159 - Is Holding Back Poisonous to the Body?

Dungeons Chapter 27

Shizuku is cooking for me. The dishes, which look delicious, are being served one after another. I don't think I could finish this amount by myself. Hamburger, beef stew, fried shrimp, and gratin. Somehow, it looks like the menu in the family restaurant where I work. That's right. I need to go to my part-time workplace today................ 2.11 The Matter of "Please Call the Chef" at the Family Restaurant

Sonomono Chapter 156

Halo-Halo Sabishii desu!! It's another "what the heck" chapter so don't think it too deeply (lol). Chapter 157 and chapter 158 has been posted before so I will translate chapter 159 after this. Have a good weekend guys!! Chapter 156 - The Power Hierarchy of Monsters

Sonomono Chapter 155

On the fourth day of our journey, we entered the forest that was clustered around the Mountain. When I was looking for a place to camp out because the sun had almost set, I found a cavity under a huge tree. The tree was in a position where it was easy to keep watch over our surroundings, so we decided to spend the night there............... Chapter 155 - Aren't They Somewhat Increasing on the Third Encounter?