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2.11 The Matter of "Please Call the Chef" at the Family Restaurant

Shizuku is cooking for me. The dishes, which look delicious, are being served one after another. I don't think I could finish this amount by myself. Hamburger, beef stew, fried shrimp, and gratin. Somehow, it looks like the menu in the family restaurant where I work.

That's right. I need to go to my part-time workplace today.



I stopped the classic notification sound of the alarm function on my iPhone. There was a message written on the screen.

It's strange. I almost never use this feature.

["Goshujin-sama should just sleep" huh? Fine, I’ll go back to sleep. It's still 10 o'clock anyway.... Hmm? 10 o'clock?] (Toru)

I'm supposed to work from 8 to 15 o'clock today, right? Even though I should have set the alarm at 7 o'clock...

"Goshujin-sama"….. No way, Shizuku? She didn't go to the family restaurant by herself, did she?

It's all right..... I’m here and the residents of this world shouldn't be able to cross to Japan without me.

[Hmm? But since Shizuku is a slime, she could just elongate her body and go out while touching my body.....] (Toru)

I jumped up from the bed. Lia, who was in the dining room, called out to me,

[Toru-sama, how's your physical condition?] (Lia)

[Hmm? Physical condition?] (Toru)

[Toru-sama got up a few hours ago but went back to sleep because you said you were not feeling well. Are you all right now?] (Lia)

Lia who seemed worried was asking me. That was Shizuku, too.

[I've recovered already!] (Toru)

[Is that so?] (Lia)

I was talking while holding four rice balls. I ate one and offered the rest to Lia.

[Have you had breakfast?] (Toru)

[I've eaten the sandwiches that Toru-sama made for breakfast, remember?] (Lia)

[Y-You are right.] (Toru)

Sandwiches were also on the family restaurant’s menu. There should not be enough ingredients, so I guess Shizuku made something similar to it. It wasn’t just copying objects, there were quite a number of applications for Shizuku's abilities.

[I will go out in a bit using transition magic to attend a Wisemen’s conference. Sorry, but there are only rice balls for lunch. You can have them all.] (Toru)

[Okay.] (Lia)

I left the washroom and was ready to go.

[I'm off!] (Toru)

For a moment, I almost entered the dungeon through the front door on reflex. I picked up my shoes and left through a window. I ran under the sun that had almost reached its zenith, toward my part-time workplace.

It's already 10:30 AM, but the fact that there is no phone call from my workplace until now, does this mean that Shizuku's disguise hasn't been discovered? I have no idea.

I noticed that I almost entered the store as is.

[Wait! If the two of us appear in the same place, it will be a big mess.] (Toru)

I looked inside the store through the glass window.

[There is no confusion inside the store. I can't see the kitchen well, but the dishes are being delivered to the customers as usual.....] (Toru)

Should I return home? She doesn't seem to be doing anything that will put my position in danger. Just this time..... I have no choice but to let her work here. However, I don't want to take advantage of a slime who believed in humans.

[All right!!] (Toru)


[Wel.....come.....] (Tateishi)

That reminds me, today is Saturday. I recalled that a high school student, Tateishi-san, was working the current shift. Her greeting was dragged out halfway through though. 

Well, of course. Right now I'm wearing big sunglasses, a mask, and a hat that I bought from the 100-Yen shop.

[A-Are you alone, Sir?] (Tateishi)

The Cool-Beauty-High-School-Girl Tateishi-san maintained her working attitude even when faced with my suspiciousness.

Sorry, Tateishi-san.

[Yes, I'm alone.] (Toru)

[O-Okay, please follow me.] (Tateishi)

I was guided toward the seat at the very end. Well, it was convenient for me. I ordered as soon as I sat down.

[The Mixed Grill Set, please.] (Toru)

[Certainly.] (Tateishi)

The mixed grill set was served after a short wait. The hamburger steak, teriyaki chicken, and wieners rode on the iron plate. The vegetable garnish was also beautifully arranged.

[It's really arranged beautifully.] (Toru)

I ate a little bit of it and pressed the clerk's call button. It was not the peak time of lunch yet so Tateishi-san came immediately.

[Thank you for waiting. How can I help you?] (Tateishi)

[This is really delicious.] (Toru)

[T-Thank you.] (Tateishi)

Up to this point, I was the kind of annoying customer that came from time to time. But I have to go through more to serve my purpose.

[Chef..... Please call the chef.] (Toru)

[Eh..... Chef, is it?] (Tateishi)

"This is a family restourant, you know?" was clearly written on her face. However, no matter what kind of face she made, she had no choice but to push it down through a feat of guts.

[It was very delicious so I would like to say a thank you! You ought to have a chef, right?] (Toru)

[Eh!? Y-Yes, I will call him.] (Tateishi)

For the next month..... three months, "a guest who called a chef at a family restaurant" was probably going to be a hot topic at my workplace.

Someone with a smiling face came out from the kitchen. Of course, his identity was Shizuku who received the message: "A customer wanted to say his thanks because the dish was so delicious...". I was glad that it was not someone else who came out.

[Thank you for waiting........... Goshujin-sama?] (Shizuku)

Shizuku immediately discovered my identity behind the sun glasses, mask, and hat.

[This mixed grill set was delicious. I was desperate to learn how to make this menu item for about 3 months or so. This was made with the customers in mind.] (Toru)

[Thank you very much!!] (Shizuku)

[I'll be waiting in the toilet.] (Toru)

[Eh? But.....] (Shizuku)

I headed to the toilet before Shizuku could say anything. She came after a while. Two people went into a toilet stall together.

[Now, Shizuku! What are you doing?] (Toru)

[I'm sorry..... but I have not been discovered by anyone.] (Shizuku)

[That's not the problem. I will take over from here.] (Toru)

[Did I make you angry?] (Shizuku)

[I'm not angry. Let's change places for now.] (Toru)

I said, as calmly as possible, with a smile. She did it for me after all. I handed the sunglasses, mask, and hat to Shizuku.

[I will go out first. You can leave this place after waiting for a bit. You can eat the remaining mixed grill set and then go back home to accompany Lia.] (Toru)

I gave her ¥1000 to pay for the mixed grill set.

[Uuu..... I'm sorry.....] (Shizuku)

[Okay, I leave the rest to you!] (Toru)

I headed to the kitchen.


I immediately went home after finishing my part time work.

[I'm tired. Somehow, I feel that my reputation is strangely rising. Even Tateishi-san, who was always cold, was somewhat kind today.] (Toru)

Did Shizuku do something? I'm scared to listen. I could see the apartment coming into view.

[Now that I think about it, when I enter the room, there will be two ‘me’s inside, no?] (Toru)

Well, I do not think there will be a problem even if Lia discovered Shizuku’s existence. I peeked into the Japanese-style room through a window. There was no one inside. I walked on the tatami mats that were strangely soft.

[Woah!] (Toru)

When I screamed, the sliding door of the Japanese-style room opened in an instant and Lia appeared on the other side.

[Oh, Toru-sama, so you've been hiding in such a place all along?] (Lia)

I see. Did Shizuku transform into tatami mats? She seemed to have chosen the time that I returned home to hide, so Lia wouldn't see two of me in the same place.

[Hahaha..... Sorry, sorry!] (Toru)

[Toru-sama is really good at disappearing.] (Lia)

Apparently Shizuku turned into the background while making it seem like she was teasing Lia. This must be the result of her preparations for me to return.

[Geez, I'm going to polish my armor!] (Lia)

Lia went to the dining room to do her daily armor polishing routine. Shizuku, who had transformed herself into tatami mats, spoke to me in a low voice.

[I'm sorry, Goshujin-sama. Did I do something selfish and cause trouble for you?] (Shizuku)

[No, it's fine. But please consult with me first before doing something like this next time.] (Toru)

[Yes, but why? My friends told me that humans make us work. Because money is needed to eat.....] (Shizuku)

If I had not listened to Shizuku's personal narrative, I might have done so. But among the white slimes that no longer believe in humans, Shizuku alone believes in human beings.

[I will do my own work. But Shizuku can help me with the other things.] (Toru)

[Goshujin-sama.....] (Shizuku)

Half of it was because of Grandma.

[Everyone should make Goshujin-sama their master.....] (Shizuku)

[Eh?] (Toru)

Does everyone mean the other white slimes?

[Everyone is living in a harsh environment deep underground, but if Goshujin-sama becomes their master.....] (Toru)

[Well, I can't look after such a large amount of white slimes.] (Toru)

[Is that so.....? Too bad.] (Shizuku)

Yeah, too bad. Well, I don't how far it will go. But for the time being, I will explore the dungeon with the aim to become a Dungeon Master.

To do that I need to raise my level. There is still time before dinner. Let's try challenging the level-raising mechanism in the personal computer I was thinking about.

**Proofreader : Meihua**

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