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2.7 The Matter Slime Has Become Serious Thing

I washed my body before soaking in the bathtub.

[On second thought, I guess it might be dangerous to keep a creature of another world on the Japan side after all. I don't know whether this room belongs to Japan or the other world though] (Toru)

Okay, I will move the slime to the dungeon! Though it's sad.....

Lia is wiping her armor and her shield on the tatami mats when I come out of the bath.

[Oh, sorry! Would I be a bother if I do this here?] (Lia)

[No, but actually, I want to do research on the forbidden books right now] (Toru)

[Oh, I see~] (Lia)

[Unn, so could you please move to dining room for a while?] (Toru)

[Understood!] (Lia)

Lia, wearing stark blue bloomers, left the Japanese-style room.

[It seems that she likes wearing bloomers quite a lot..... no, it shouldn’t be the case!] (Toru)

I open the closet and check the slime. There is no change at all, it's moving around with *purun-purun*. So cute.....

[Hmm? Eh? The locking lid of the tupperware came off on one side?] (Toru)

Did the slime unlock it using a part of its body through the air hole? Impossible, it's just a small hole that I drilled with a kitchen knife. The slime is still inside the tupperware so I bet I just forgot to lock it.

[I'm sorry. It's forbidden to keep pets in the apartments. I will keep you in the dungeon instead] (Toru)

*purun-purun* somehow, the white slime moves its body sorrowfully. I turn my heart into one of a demon, I hid the tupperware from Lia with my body and head for the dungeon.

[Where are you going?] (Lia)

[Du-Dungeon. I’ll be back soon!] (Toru)

I put down the tupperware in the corner of the dungeon room, in front of the entrance of the dungeon.

[Please, be a good slime. I will bring more delicious food and a big water tank later] (Toru)

I go back to the apartment's room after talking to the white slime.

[I'm back~] (Toru)

[Welcome back, what were you doing?] (Lia)

Lia, who was still doing maintenance of her armor, asked me.

[No, it was nothing. Speaking of which, have you ever seen a white slime inside the dungeon?] (Toru)

I casually changed the topic to the white slime.

[Hmm? White slime? I heard that it has already gone extinct] (Lia)

[Is that so!?] (Toru)

[Yes, it seems to be a rare monster that doesn't attack humans. But I heard their number has plummeted and they haven't been seen in the last 20 years] (Lia) (Lynk: as you like)

Looks like I found a super rare slime. Let's keep it in the apartment room if it doesn’t attack.

[I’ll go to the dungeon again] (Toru)

[Huh? Y-Yes, please be careful!!] (Lia)

I rush to the place where I left the white slime.

[Huh? The tupperware is open! The white slime is gone!] (Toru)

I look around but I still can't find the white slime. The headlight is not enough. I turn on the flashlight function of the iPhone.....

[There is something over there!] (Toru)

I get close and illuminate it.

[Huh? Why is there a figurine of Miru Kokorone in a place like this?] (Toru)

(TL : ココロネ ミル / 心音 ミル?  I’m sure this is a name of a character but I couldn’t find any reference of her. Here is the raw in case I translated it wrong : 

「あれ? どうして心音(ココロネ)ミルのフィギュアがこんなところに?」)

I found a figurine lying on the dungeon's floor. I guess this figurine was from the Japanese-style room, caught in my clothes, and fell here. That's the only possibility I could think of. I pick the figurine with my hand.

[Uwah! This figurine..... is so soft, it feels good to the touch!] (Toru)

The modeling seems to be superficial but it's so good to the touch.

[I wonder when did I buy this figurine? I don't remember at all. Well, I couldn't think of any other reason besides having bought it somewhere before] (Toru)

I put the figurine in my pocket and resume searching for the white slime. However, I couldn't find it. But I discovered a light-blue slime that bigger than an eraser, instead.

[Unn~ I couldn't find the white slime, I guess I will keep this one instead] (Toru)

Unlike the white slime, somehow I don’t find this slime cute, but I have no other choice. I try to put the slime in a tupperware with my hand.

[Ouch! Did you bite my fingers?] (Toru)

I was attacked the moment I tried to put it in a tupperware. This slime is not cute at all.

[Oh well, this is also a seed of experience. let's hunt it after it gets bigger] (Toru)

Light blue slime may be better than white slime in a sense, because I won’t have any hesitation to kill it. I put the slime in a tupperware and return to my room.

[I'm back~] (Toru)

[Welcome back! You are late, Toru-sama~] (Lia)

I spent a lot of time searching for the white slime. It seems that I made Lia worry.

[Sorry, I will be doing some more research on forbidden book for a little longer. I'm going to the Japanese-style room again] (Toru)

I take out the figurine I picked up at the dungeon from my pocket. Yup, it's such a good figurine. The feeling when I touch it is wonderful. I'd like to look into it a little more, but it's about time to sleep.

Though there is no recollection about this figurine, let's place it together with my favorite figurines. I put down the figurine that seemed to be somewhat lonely, and turn off the light inside the Japanese-style room.

I go to Lia's side in the dining room. Lia slept with me in the beginning, but yesterday, since Deet was here, Lia slept with her.....

Maybe, she will say that she wants to sleep with someone again tonight. Her fear of sleeping alone in the dungeon probably still remains. If that's the case, I will sleep together with her in the Western-style room.

[Lia, why don't we brush our teeth and go to bed?] (Toru)

[You’re right. I'm getting sleepy~] (Lia)

I finished brushing my teeth while standing side-by-side with Lia.

[Excuse me, Toru-sama..... could I sleep together with you tonight?] (Lia)

[Yeah, sure!] (Toru)


[I'm sorry. It's inconvenient, isn't it?] (Lia)

[No, it's okay, are you still scared?] (Toru)

[The dark places are still.....] (Lia)

I was sleeping together with Lia before but it was ended quickly. There should be no intervention today. Furthermore, today, her tracksuit has been promoted to a bloomer.

Though she doesn't link her arm around my neck as she did before, our feet are touching since we’re sleeping close to each other. Or rather, it’s intertwined.

Because it's important, I'll say it again. Lia’s legs in bloomers are laid bare. I should have worn a short pants, or half pants at least. It's regrettable that I’m wearing a tracksuit now.

There is no intention of getting up and sneaking out to the dungeon this time. I need to sleep properly in preparation of tomorrow but… I wonder if I will be able to do it.....





I can't sleep!!

Quite some time has passed but I don't feel like going to sleep at all.

I'm sure Lia is unable to sleep as well. However, I can hear the sound of a sleeping person breathing peacefully.

I open my eyes and check Lia with the help of the light coming from my iPhone's screen. I can see her profile comfortably sleeping on her back.

The iPhone’s clock indicate that two hours had passed since I got to bed.

[Fuh~] (Toru)

I close my eyes for a moment then open them. If I can't sleep at all, it's been a while but let's play social games. However, when I opened my eyes, there was Lia, awoke.

[Oh? You’re awake after all, Lia?] (Toru)

..........something is wrong. Lia is standing in full height on the bed. Even so, she has the same height as my head that is laid down on the bed. In other words, she is very small now.

But no matter how I look at her, the small Lia is Lia. Even the form of the bloomer and her hairstyle are exactly the same. However, there’s another Lia sleeping behind the small Lia.

Huh? What does this mean? A dream? This is a dream, right? I am sleeping? There is no doubt that I'm so tired.

[This is the favorite form of Goshujin-sama. How about it?]

The doll-size Lia asked with a small voice suitable for that size. Did she just ask me?

[Wh-Wh-What are you?] (Toru)

Though my voice was rising in volume, I was able to ask back somehow in a small enough voice that doesn't make the big Lia to wake up.

[Huh? Isn’t it identical? The contents are exactly the same as well, you know? Look!!]

The doll-size Lia took down her bloomer.

[Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!] (Toru)

The big Lia springs up and bounces up with a *bikun*. I quickly take the small Lia (so soft.....) and put her inside the tracksuit’s pocket.

[Wh-What's wrong, Toru-sama?] (Lia)

[So-Sorry..... I had a nightmare about The 5th Magical War when I was still active as The Great Wiseman.....] (Toru)

[Oh, I see? Though I didn't know there was such a war] (Lia)

Of course I also didn't know if such a war existed. But I'm sure what I just experienced is more frightening than The 5th Magical War.

[I will sleep with Toru-sama then] (Lia)

I think we were already sleeping together until a moment ago, but it would be boorish if I give her a retort so I entered the bed with Lia again.

Lia was patting my body gently with *pon-pon* while singing a song, but she seems to have fallen asleep first in the end.

I get off the bed quietly while holding the pocket of my tracksuit. Lia seems to be the type of person that sleeps soundly. She didn't notice me at all. I move to the Japanese-style room without making a sound.

I take out the content of my pocket cautiously. It's really a doll-sized Lia that came out with a soft feel.

[This is the Goshujin-sama‘s favorite form, right?]

The doll-sized Lia is crying sadly.

[Pl-Please put on the bloomers back first!] (Toru)

[Yes! *sob*]

The doll-size Lia wears the bloomers while crying.

I got the feeling that this doll-sized Lia is actually the white slime, but..... what should I do with it.....? What is the meaning of her calling me Goshujin-sama.....?

**Proofreader : Lynk**

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