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2.5 The Matter I Parted With Magician Girl And Became Alone With The Female Knight Again

Let's see the price. Geh~ ¥5980!! it can't be compared with the price of School Swimsuit and Bloomers Set. Well, they could make a large sum of money from people who celebrating Halloween, but the problem is the elf beside me seems interested with it 

[Do you want it?] (Toru)

[Not really~] (Deet)

I know that she want it, but it's expensive. I took the words "not really" as a shield and tried to pass.

[I just thought that my magical power or my intelligence status will rise somehow.....] (Deet)

I couldn't help but stopped my feet when I heard Deet murmured so. I tried looking at the design again.

While the luster of enamel is more crappy than the black leather bondage outfits, it looks cute with a high-cut miniskirts that seems able to provide a panty shot once in a while.

[Come to think of it, the school swimsuit has a crazy defensive power, but what about the effects of bloomers?] (Toru)

[Double agility] (Deet)

Bloomers are amazing. I wonder if it's because bloomers is used for physical exercise. I don't know the reason why defensive power will rise with the school swimsuit, but the possibility of magical power and intelligence status will rise with Halloween's witch costume seem to be quite high.

[Let's buy it!!] (Toru)

[Eh? Is this all right? This is expensive, isn't it?] (Deet)

[Deet is going to exchange white gold coin into Gadius gold coins for me, don't you?] (Toru)

[Unn~] (Deet)

Deet seems very happy. Her eyes are shining.

Neat girl prefers a neat fashion, Gyaru prefers a Gyaru fashion, so I guess magician girl also prefers a witch-ish fashion.

[Touru, could I change into these clothes?] (Deet)

[Eh? Where do you want to change clothes?] (Toru)

Deet pointing at the restroom.

[I never thought you knew the place to change clothes, but.....] (Toru)

[Please!] (Deet)

Though the clothes are very conspicuous but it's not a crime.

[This time only] (Toru)

[Hooray!!] (Deet)

Deet came out as a perfect witch girl after I waited in front of the restroom for a while.

[How is it? It's a pity that I can't check my status immediately] (Deet)

Super conspicuous, to the extent a crowd was formed with us as the center.

[I'd like to check the status! Let's go home at once!] (Deet)

[Yeah!] (Toru)

She really looks like a witch. Not just looks like, Deet could use magic if we are inside dungeon now. Some people casually following us even after we leave Don Quijote and we are also attracting the passerby's attention on the way

[Such an extraordinary degree completion of high level cosplay, can I take a picture?]

[NO!!!] (Toru)

Though I feel bad for shouting towards a girl, we arrived to the apartment after walking in a quick pace.

There is no problem when entering the house from the foot door, and it will lead to the dungeon when I use the front door to come out. Hmm!?

[Welcome home~] (Lia)

[I'm home~] (Deet)

[Oh Deet-san, is that new magician clothes? It's very very cute!] (Lia)

[Good, isn't it? I just bought it. You too should buy one at Don Quijote] (Deet)

Ignoring the two selfish conversation, I was thinking of something that's bothering me. I got connected to the dungeon when I get out through the front door, indeed.

Wait a moment, did the guy from NNK leave through the window? I'm sure had told him to use the window when leaving. I hastily equipped the headlighted helmet and pickaxe.

[What's wrong?] (Deet)

[Toru-sama?] (Lia)

I open the entrance at once. There are monstrous slime and other monster that I have never seen before, roaming happily outside.

[You~! Are you paying the subscription fee? Take this! Take this!] (Enami)

I hear a voice that seems Enami's voice coming from the other side of door. I gently closed the door and locked it before the monsters noticed me.

[Enami-san from before had opened the iron door..... what should I do.....] (Toru)

I'm still a low level. Lia is probably strong but she has no weapon now. Deet is the only hope.

[I need to hurry up] (Deet)

Deet raised an impending voice, she seems to have noticed that the time is crucial.

Deet brought her cane from the Japanese-style room. I also threw the things that seem to be useful into Don Quijote plastic bag appropriately.

Lia took her shield. She seems can serve as a tanker even without her weapon.

[I will open the door!!] (Toru)

[All right!!] (Lia)

[Let's go!!] (Deet)

The monsters jumped out at once when I opened the door. The great centipede is attacking us as soon as we came out. Lia receives it with her shield while Deet casts her magic.

[Mega Inferno!] (Deet)

The great centipede and other mob monsters wrapped in hellfire and burnet out. Its power can't be compared with the fire that burned the great centipede that was caught between the iron doors from that time.

The monsters have turned into charcoal before my pickaxe gets the turn.

[It seems these clothes doubled my intelligence status just as I thought! I will go rampage now!] (Deet)

[Please do] (Toru)

I fight behind the stage with my pickaxe against slime and monster that looks like a moving mushroom with hands and feet.

Oops the power gushes up within me. It seems that my level has gone up.

The combination of Deet's magic attack and Lia's shiled that stopped the attack from big monsters, has pushed back the enemies further until reached the iron door before long.

[All right!! Push the button, Lia!!] (Toru)

[Yes!] (Lia)

The iron door comes down while make *gogogo* sound until completely closed. There may small monsters left but I couldn't find any big monster anymore.

However, there is no figure of Enami in this closed room.

[Eh? He isn't here? But this is a closed room] (Toru)

[There is no corpse either, and if he got eaten..... there should be remains.....] (Deet)

Certainly, I didn't think that tough fellow would be eaten by monster without trace. However, he was supposed to be here because there is a stone wall at the other side of the iron door that the earthling cannot pass by alone. Ah!!

[Come to think of it, I heard he was shouting about subscription fee or something..... and it sounded he was also struggling against monster.....] (Toru)

[I can only imagine that one could pass through the door even with just get in contact with monster] (Deet)

If it was a slime or ghost mushroom like the one that I knocked down earlier, then I'm sure he could defeat them bare handed somehow. But it would be different if he was attacked by the great centipede.

[I will return to the world beyond right now] (Deet)

[Eh? But.....] (Toru)

Deet told me that she would go back to her world right away, but will she go just as is? Encounter and farewell that is too sudden.

[Will you be fine to go alone? Lia and I can.....] (Toru)

[Don't worry, because I explored dungeon throughout the country pretty much by myself. Besides, if that Enami guy still alive, though it's troublesome, I must protect him from monsters] (Deet)

That's true. If someone died because they came to the room where you live, you will have difficulty sleeping. Though he came in without permission, he is not a bad guy.

[I understand. Please bring this with you! There are cola, drinks, and canned food inside. Bloomers and school swimsuit too!] (Toru)

I quickly handed Don Quijote plastic bag filled with various stuffs to Deet.

[Be sure to come again] (Toru)

[Of course, don't forget about becoming a dungeon master and live together with me forever] (Deet)

[If it's possible] (Toru)

I push a button that opens the iron door while smiling. The iron door steadily raised until it stopped making *gogogo* sound and completely opened.

[Don't worry about me or Enami. Keep the iron door closed until you installed the camera, because it's dangerous!] (Deet)

[I will do so. I will install the camera as soon as possible!] (Toru)

[See you!] (Deet)

Diet smiled and jumped into the stone wall before she disappeared. The iron door gradually closes when I push the button again.

After make sure that the door was closed, I and Lia returned to the apartment's room while holding hands.

It should be looking like we passed through the wall from Lia. However, she didn't say anything and was worrying Deet instead.

[I hope Deet-san will be all right] (Lia)

[If it's Deet, she will be fine. It would be great if Enami also still alive] (Toru)

[Well, even though Deet-san is a magician, but she always exploring dungeon alone] (Lia)

[Yeah, let's clean up the place] (Toru)

[Yes!] (Lia)

We returned to the room and it becomes the two of us again here.

[By the way, about becoming a dungeon master and live together with Deet-san or something from a short while ago..... I didn't understand the meaning of the story other than that but..... what on earth were you talking about?] (Lia)

I wonder how much she knows about the dungeon master.

[Oh, it was just something that Deet said selfishly. She should also think about Lia properly!] (Toru)

[Please tell me in details!!] (Lia)

Lia has a vacuum cleaner on one hand and a shield on the other hand. The cleaning up after moving in, seems likely won’t come to end soon.

**Proofreader : Niel Dade**

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