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2.2 I Want To Solve The Money Problem

Deet came from behind while I was watching Lia cleaning up.

[Hey Toru, please take me to Japan while Lia is still cleaning up] (Deet)

[It's impossible now] (Toru)

[Why is it?] (Deet)

[We can't leave Lia alone here, right?] (Toru)

I thought she wouldn't be convinced with just that excuse, but it seems she listening to me this time. But with *hmph!!*- she turned away afterwards.

However, as the number of people that live here increased, the necessary to go to Japan to do some shopping did too.

I don't have enough money so I rented cheap property even though it seemed a little dubious, but the needs of money keep coming one after another.

I got some idea to solve this problem but I need to take Deet's mood into consideration.

[Deet, did you see the room next to the washroom where we brushed our teeth together?] (Toru)

[Hmph, I don't know.....] (Deet)

[There is a bath there] (Toru)

[Re-Really?] (Deet)

[You may enter anytime] (Toru)

[Hmph.........] (Deet)

It seems her mood has recovered a little. Just one more push!!

[Umm..... I will cooperate to increase your growth limits one more level] (Toru)

[Wh-Wh-What is this so suddenly? I still have two levels to spare so it's fine!!] (Deet)

She refused up front, even though she insisted before. But her mood seems to have returned because her face formed a smile.

[Deet, I want to ask a little favor] (Toru)

[What is this? Toru] (Deet)

[Will you buy the bloomers and the school swimsuit?] (Deet)

[Eh? I was thinking to ask you that myself! But I only have the money from this world, you know? Can you use it?](Deet)

[I have thought of something about that, please come here!] (Toru)

I bring Deet in front of my computer.

[Let me see the money you have] (Toru)

[Sure~] (Deet)

Deet took out the bag from a black leather pochette. Unlike Lia who had only five coins, this bag contains considerable amount of silver and gold coins.

[These are Gadius gold coins, aren’t they?] (Toru)

[That's right] (Deet)

[It means these gold coins are being used as currency, right?] (Toru)

[Because it made from gold. It's not pure gold though, but that's right~] (Deet)

I often see the sign that says "purchase gold" in downtown. It should be also listed as company which is dealing with secondhand branded-name products and tickets. I try searching with that keyword.

(TL : チケット = tickets I don’t know what kind of ticket is this but it said so)

[Oh, there it is!! It seems to be taken in units of grams, surely they should buy gold coins as well] (Toru)

[Really? You can take is as much as you want. To be honest, I don’t think it’s enough to buy school swimsuit and bloomers artifacts. This kind of artifacts can't be found even at dark auction] (Deet)

[Bloomer at dark auction..... no, that's a strange combination..... Of course you won't find those there because they’re being sold cheaply at Don Quijote cosplay corner. I will take 3 gold coins for each kind] (Toru)

I asked Deet about the value of gold coins while at it.

First of all, the biggest gold coin with the highest value is Burns Memorial gold coin, often called as white gold coin. It seems that rare metals are mixed in it.

In the second place is the Imperial gold coin. It seems to be a gold coin that comes from a bigshot country called Iglos Empire.

Gadius gold coin is the smaller gold coin among the two. When people mention gold coins, it seems they referring to these ones.

These small gold coins are issued by a commerce country called Gadius. There is no pattern on these gold coins, but it’s guaranteed to always have a certain degree of purity.

In other words, white gold coin → imperial gold coin → gold coin and then under them are silver coin → copper coin, there seems to be tenfold difference between each.

[I don't know if I can sell these gold coins but if it really works out, I might be able to live by simply selling Japanese goods to the people of other world without working part-time] (Toru)

[How about living in our world?] (Deet)

[I can't pay the rent of this apartment that way] (Toru)

[Ah, that's right!! Either about this resting place to capture the dungeon, either about how you get unusual items, or either about the traps and computer, it's all possible because of this place] (Deet)

[Moreover, the lifestyle in Japan is pretty good, it's hard to throw it away] (Toru)

[Granola fruit is certainly delicious, tatami mat is good, and computer also seems to be fun as well] (Deet)

[Those all are just something trivials. For the time being, why don't you try Japanese bathroom? You should enter it with Lia] (Toru)

[With Lia?] (Deet)

[You need her to teach you how to use it. I will go do shopping in the meantime] (Toru)

I laugh and call out Lia.

[Liaaa~!!!] (Toru)

[Yes, I’m coming. What is it?] (Lia)

[Will you take a bath with Deet?] (Toru)

Deet is protesting.

[Just a minute!! I’m fine going alone] (Deet)

[Understood!! I will teach Deet-san how to use the bath. Come on, take off your clothes!!] (Lia)

[Please stop it!! I can do it by myself!!] (Deet)

[Because it will be serious if you make a mistake. I went *kyaa~!!* last time because I made a mistake and had Toru-sama help me] (Lia)

I thought about watching them a little longer but I'm more interested in conversion about the gold coins right now.

I decide to leave through the window after taking a glance at the figures of the two behind me one more time.


"Purchase gold in high price! The assessment is based on weight"

I feel somewhat tense upon entering the store. The purchase amount was written in more details over there.

I see..... the price per weight changed depending on the content (purity). Such things were written on the net as well.

I call out the onee-san at the counter.

[Excuse me. I'd like to ask for assessment of the gold that I want to sell] (Toru)

[Certainly, Please write your address and your name on this document. Do you bring ID card?]

[I have driver license] (Toru)

I was overstraining myself to get the driver license. But of course I don't have a car.

[Yes, that’s fine. How about the goods?]

[Here~] (Toru)

[Oh? There are quite a lot of gold coins that I have never seen before.....]

[No, I’m still not sure if this is gold. I found it inside my late grandmother’s warehouse] (Toru)

The world on the dungeon's side culture seems only devoted to the design of gold coin because there are no letters or numbers carved on it.

Let's claim it as sculptured medal because it may couldn’t be sold if It seemed to be used as currency somewhere or contained historical value.

The onee-san took out a thick gold coin catalog on the spot and checked it.

Actually, I looked it up on the net, it seems that a lot foreigners come to Japan to sell gold since there is difference between domestic and foreign gold prices.

Well, there are also people who were caught at the airport because they brought gold from overseas to Japan without paying the taxes. But of course selling the gold itself is legal.

[It certainly doesn't fall under the currency of any country. Because there is no such value, I will buy it based on content and weight. Please wait a moment!!]

I did it~!! I did it~!! It might be good with the gold of whatever origin. The shop side will not take responsibility either.

Thirty minutes after waiting.

[This small medal is ‎¥ 9,400]

One Gadius gold coin with no design is worth almost ¥10,000?

Ca-Calm down, it's still too early to get excited.

[This medal with human design included.....]

The empire gold coin huh. That is a portrait of the first  emperor.

[I will buy it for ¥97,000]

Al-Al-Almost one hundred thousand yen?

[For real?] (Toru)

[Yes. In addition, the biggest medal is likely gold-plated platinum]

Platinum is higher than gold, isn't it? Besides it's bigger among the two.

[I can't buy it right away because it needs further investigation]

Are you really serious? In the world of dungeon's side, I was told that the value will go up by ten folds.

Imperial gold coin also has 10 times the price of Gadius gold coin. Because one Imperial gold coin is ¥97,000, the price of white gold coin should be around ¥ 1,000,000.

[Well then, I will pay for the small and medium sized gold coins. I will give you the deposit certificate for the biggest gold coin and you can take its payment on a later date, how about that?]

[No, excuse me. Can I just sell only the smallest one? I will bring it here again next time] (Toru)

I hurried out of the store with ¥9,400 in my hands.

[I got ¥9,400 for the time being~] (Toru)

The reason I exchanged for money only Gadius gold coin because this one was really just like ordinary medal with almost no pattern whatsoever.

The gold coins with the emperor's face etc. will looks like containing some kind of historical value when you think about it.

If I brought it in large amounts, I would be suspected as a tomb raider in the worst case.

Because of that the safe choice is to exchange only Gadius coin, who looks like simply gold medal in Japan.

I can get about ¥10,000 for each one huh?

I throw the white gold coin into the air and catch it while laughing.

[Fufufu~ This white gold coin, if I bring it out outside the dungeon, I can exchange it for 100 Gadius gold coins in the city] (Toru)

**Proofreader : Ninetail Vixen**

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  1. Thanks for the chapter ! :D

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  3. Oh, the greed is conquering his personality. Well I to want be stupidity rich.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    And somehow I get the feeling that the platinum gold coin wouldn't just be 1 mio. yen but 10 mio yen if he would let the shop evaluate it.
    And so the MC would make a huge loss by changing it into normal gold coins inside the dungeon world.

    1. Btw. currently gold is actually more worth than platinum. The rate seems to be ca. 0.8 gramms of gold are equal to 1 gramm of platinum in value.
      So he might actually be better off changing the platinum gold coins into gold coins.

    2. He'd actually have to pay attention to the metals market to know for sure. The switch in gold/platinum prices is due to a recent strike, the market will more than likely revert.

    3. since he can sell items in the other world worth only a few hundred yen in our world for coins worth hundreds of thousands of yen in our world, he really doesn't need to worry if he's getting a fair price for the coins, or care about the daily fluctuations in metals prices, even if he gets cheated badly he still makes 1000x profit on every transaction. Really, he could just take the coins to a shady pawn shop in a crappy part of town and 100% guarantee nobody would care where he got them. Or use fire magic to melt them into ingots first, since only the weight matters.

  5. thanks for the chapter~
    future problems aside, toru can now spend more time inside the dungeon to earn gold coins, rather than working part time.

  6. Thanks for the chapter...
    There is an error:
    "I can get about ¥1,000 for each one huh?"
    should be "I can get about ¥10,000 for each one huh?"

  7. Nice to see he wasn't cheated! That's a good way to make some money, but will be suspicious long term.

    1. If he goes to the same shop each time, but if he changes place in between some intervals maybe not...

    2. or just go to the shady shop in the crappy part of town. they won't care where he got them. might be a bit dangerous in that part of town, but compared to wandering through a dungeon full of monsters it's nothing!

  8. Thanks for the chapter! I hope the story keeps a light tone as has been so far, I love it -w-...

    Also, I dont know if the site has already passed the 4M views, but if it is, congrats! keep the amazing work! **\(^.^)/**

  9. Hm, isn't 1,000¥≈$10? Why would he get excited over that... By the way, isn't that rediculously cheap for a gold coin? A mix of 50% precent gold, 50% copper (by mass) the size of a dime should be worth ~$100. Even accounting for the fact the pawn shop needs to turn a profit, 1,000¥ is an enormous rip-off...

    Did you misplace the decimal place, perhaps?

  10. Thank u always for ur great work...

    Yes it's a strange combination, but it fit perfectly...

  11. well maybe he wont expect that some bad people may aim him if they know about empire gold coin and plated platinum gold coin.
    since robber is scary.

    1. true, robbers are scary at his current level, but apparently stat increases from leveling up carry over to this world as well - so once he is level 30 or 40 he's basically the equivalent of superman. I'd actually love to see a scene where local Japanese thugs try to mess with him on the street once he's a high level and get their asses handed to them.

  12. I thinks is a good choice to trade only smallest gold coin. Cause we don't know , what bad peoples will think , if they know the mc frequently sell gold
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  13. I'm surprised he doesn't just melt down the larger gold-but-not-platinum coins that have the face of the Emperor on it if he's that concerned with it (although knowing our MC, he'd probably be stupid enough to visit the same gold buying shop constantly out of sheer laziness and raise suspicion that way).

    It's easy enough, metal brokers/pawn brokers/salvagers do it all the time (although silver is far more popular for obvious reasons). A quick search on Ebay will show plenty of small and portable precious metal (silver, gold, ect.) furnaces that can melt down silver/gold into whatever shape you want for about $300/¥34,245.

    Or, y'know, he could just file the damn coin so it doesn't have any features on it.


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