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2.1 - The Matter External HDD Is The Most Assuring Companion

Deet and I returned to my apartment room. The two of us took a peek inside Japanese-style room just in case Lia was awake.

[I was worried..... but it seems she’s sound asleep. I thought that we made quite a ruckus before] (Toru)

[I guess she is really worn out, let's not disturb her] (Deet)

Deet said so with a gentle voice. I have been thinking about this for awhile, but their relationship isn't actually that bad.

[Deet actually doesn't dislike Lia, right?] (Toru)

After a brief of silence she said.

[We often get into fight because that girl is a busybody but I don’t dislike the person herself] (Deet)

I see, it's just as I speculated. If Deet really disliked Lia, I thought about how I should avoid to put the two in the same place.

[Then why do you always provoke her?] (Toru)

[Being friendly with her is different matter entirely] (Deet)

[I won't ask you two to become good friends but please make effort to get along at least] (Toru)

[I will try to get along with her] (Deet)

It seems she doesn't really meant it. However, I am too sleepy to persuade Deet to change her attitude towards Lia.

[For now, shall we head back to sleep?] (Toru)

[Hey, can I sleep together in the bed with Toru? Because I will sleep in bloomers] (Deet)

[No, you made a promise with Lia!!] (Toru)

[Hmph.....!] (Deet)

I would like to head back to sleep. We separate ourselves into Japanese-style room and Western-style room respectively.

I understand about status and skills in general and Deet will also teach me for now on.

It was decided I would aim to become a dungeon master for some reason. For that, she is going to cooperate in raising my level.

Of course there is still the excitement left but for now, I want to sleep peacefully.


[Good morning! Great wiseman-sama! It's already morning~ It's already morning~] (Lia)

I just fell asleep a moment ago but a cheerful voice has woken me up. I wondered who is that, then I saw Lia greet me from the side of the bed.

Her golden hair and smiling face shining under the morning sunshine. However, I'm too sleepy to admire her right now.

[No, it’s still too early, let me sleep a little longer~!!] (Toru)

It's 8 o'clock in the morning. It’s still early indeed. I want to sleep a little longer.

[Your life's rhythm will collapse if you are going back to sleep now. It's already a very late in the morning] (Lia)

Hmm? Something is strange? I got up and sat on the bed.

[How do you know that it's late in the morning?] (Toru)

In the first place I think that 8 o'clock is not late. It's strange because the other side of the window should look like a stone wall in her eyes.

[Mou~ great wiseman-sama, are you still half asleep?] (Lia)

Lia pointed to the small window in the Western-style room.

[Is the stone wall shining like the sunshine?] (Toru)

Oh, I get it. It seems, that it looks that way for Lia..... no, for people of the world at dungeon’s side in general.

[Isn't that an artifact made by great wiseman-sama so that you could live healthily even inside the dungeon? Then hurry wake up~!] (Lia)

She pulled my hand to make me stand.

I never dreamed, that I will experience the situation where a beautiful girl wakes me up early in the morning, but I still want to sleep in fact.

Lia pulled my hand against my will towards the washroom, I was walking like a zombie.

[Now, wash your face and brush your teeth, please come to the dining room after you finish] (Lia)

Lia went to the kitchen after saying so.

There was Deet who also was moving like a zombie next to me. By the way, it seems that she was really went to bed in bloomers, maybe she liked it.

[Good morning......... Now I understand why you called her a meddling knight] (Toru)

[Good morning.......... right!?] (Deet)]

The two of us wash our faces and brush our teeth.

As we were told, we went to dining room and sat on chairs. There were black objects on the plates in front of us.

[What is this?] (Toru)

I asked.

[Yesterday, I watched Toru-sama make the dishes, so I made something for breakfast] (Lia)

Of course the dish I made wasn't like this.

When I stabbed it with a fork, a yellow object that still remained a little on the inside come out. I understood that it's egg yolk from that.

[I endured it because Toru wanted me to get along with you, but is this some kind of harassment?] (Deet)

Deet said so to Lia with a cold voice about the thing that we talked about yesterday.

Surprisingly, Deet seems had heard my request.

[I’m so-sorry. Toru-sama's artifacts are very useful but are hard to use] (Lia)

I think that she could use the stove just by watching me. Even so, how could this egg turned into some kind of black matter?

[I haven’t eaten for a long time and I'm very hungry right now] (Deet)

The eyes of a beautiful elf turn sharp.

Both Lia and I ate hamburger steak yesterday, but Deet hasn't eaten anything surely.

Deet was carrying a black leather waist pouch for exploring the dungeon. Forget about quality, it seems it didn't contain enough quantity as well.

[I understand!! I will get something else for breakfast for the time being. Let's the three of us have something delicious for lunch] (Toru)

[Unn~ I’m sorry.....] (Lia)

I open the box of granola fruit and serve it on plate.

Some people eat it with with milk just as is, but it would be more delicious to add some sugar to it.

Three dishes were placed on the table at once.

[Am-Amazing, so fast!!] (Lia)

[It’s indeed fast, but is this delicious? It seems you mix it with milk] (Deet)

It seems that they are wary of the taste of granola fruit so I demonstrate how to eat it.

[It’s delicious. There are small dried fruits inside] (Toru)

It seems they decided to try it after seeing me eat deliciously.

[Oh..... it’s sweet, it’s sooo delicious] (Lia)

[Yeah it’s delicious..... I was worried about the taste because Toru prepared it so fast] (Deet)


After the meal, Lia said that she wants to clean the dishes herself.

[This room, which the great wiseman-sama lives in, has a lot of strange paper boxes scattered] (Lia)

Do you mean cardboard? It's because I just moved in here.

[Please let me tidy it up] (Lia)

[Well, thank you very much] (Toru)

I hid my Otaku goods inside the Japanese-style room's closet. Because I have told her that that place is prohibited and shouldn't be touched, I guess it's okay. I need to remind her just in case.

[Well then, please ask me if I have something you don't know about because I will be inside the Western-style room] (Toru)

It’s just the right time to set up my computer. But looking at Lia who is tidying up inside the kitchen, I got excited for some reason.

I open the cardboard box inside the western-style room. Since the table is already in place, I just need to set up the computer over there.

Deet was sitting on the bed behind while going up and down following my movements. The slimes under her gym clothes are also shaking because of that. Her thighs bathed under the sunshine are so dazzling.

A usual, unconscious sex appeal is amazing.

[Ah, this bed is really comfortable] (Deet)

I hope you don't fall asleep there.

I install the monitor on the table.

[Is that the computer?] (Deet)

[To be precise, it's monitor that’s connected to computer. We will be able to see the insides of the dungeon from here. And this one is CPU..... the computer] (Toru)

Because it's the large tower type, I connect it to monitor and put it under the desk.

[Done. I hope it's not broken..... Yeah, it looks good] (Toru)

Deet twitches the moment when the boot screen of OS appears and immediately ask a question. It seems she is interested.

[The strange blue screen came out but it's not a picture of the dungeon] (Deet)

[It can't show the inside of dungeon for now] (Toru)

[I see] (Deet)

[But I will show you something great!!] (Toru)

[Something great?] (Deet)

It's not my treasure pictures when I said I will show her something great. Or rather, I need to hide them inside external HDD at the early stage.

I will do that serious mission later.....

[Found it~!!] (Toru)

It's a net connection kit that I received from the real estate agent. It cost ‎¥5.000 of extra charge outside the ‎¥30.000 of rent fee.

It was so attractive offer to have complete environment when I can acces internet through fiber optic network system as soon as I moved in.

[Yup, it’s connected to internet. Go to Yo-tube] (Toru)

[Wh-What is that? Fa-Fairy? It's not, right?] (Deet)

Deet touched the guitar player on the live concert that was reflected on the monitor.

[Ha-Ha-Ha..... That person is a musician. The sound doesn't come out because I haven't connected the loudspeaker yet] (Toru)

Well, if Deet wasn't here, I’d probably choose to listen to Miku-chan's song right now. But I want to try to look good a little.

(TL : He is talking about Hatsune Miku, I guess)

I go to the kitchen to check on Lia while Deet was nailed to the monitor

[Lia~] (Toru)

[Ah, Toru-sama~] (Lia)

My pants and T-shirt had been beautifully folded and were put inside the kitchen cupboard.

The kitchen that was already clean has been further polished using a cloth rag.

[You really work hard~!] (Toru)

[Yes!! I love cooking and cleaning. Though the dish has failed] (Lia)

Not just cooking, the way she is cleaning up is somewhat wrong. But looking at her happy face when doing it, I can't say a thing.

**Proofreader : Ninetail Vixen**

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    --> It should be:
    [I endured it because Toru wanted me to get along with you, but is this some kind of harassment?] (Deet)

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