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2.6 The Matter Hiding Slime Inside Cardboard Box Of Forbidden Books

After finished playing around with a female knight equipped with a pair of bloomers and vacuum cleaner, I started cleaning up again. The sentimental feeling due to the sudden separation with Deet has has disappeared more and more as we did a physical labor.

[Deet-san is really a nice person, I never know that] (Lia)

[I knew it from the beginning] (Toru)

Both me and Lia continued cleaning up and tidying up while putting on a smile.

[Oh, the place has become quite beautiful] (Lia)

[Okay, I think its good enough. I won't use the items inside these cardboard boxes immediately, I wonder if I should store them inside the closet?] (Toru)

[Together with the forbidden books?] (Lia)

[Oh~ right..... that’s right! These are..... artifacts that I don't use very much] (Toru)

[I will carry it] (Lia)

[No, No, it's fine. Lia should take a rest] (Toru)

Dangerous, that was close. I made Lia wait in the dining room while I packed the cardboard boxes that I didn't use into the closet.

[We're almost finished tidying up with this.....] (Toru)

This is still the second day after I moved in to the apartment that's connected to the dungeon. Those two days felt like a storm. I want to take it easy for a while and earn some experience. But of course not real life experience that wouldn't able to be earned easily.

Regardless of whether I will become a dungeon master or not, I think that it's better to be a little stronger, my home and dungeon are connected after all.

I might be able to help Lia and Deet more if I was stronger. I wouldn't be this concerned if I didn't know them, but I do know them.

I want to make this room more comfortable as a resting place for adventurers who are in trouble, I want to put my knowledge in use more, I want to become stronger while I'm at it.

[Come to think of it, the iron door was opened with just the right timing so the monsters filled the room afterward] (Toru)

Deet has defeated a large and a brutal monster with magic. I can go to get rid of the small fishes later. Since it's already evening, let's have a dinner with Lia instead of going to the dungeon.

Enami-san came, I went to Don Quijote with Deet, I fought rampaging monsters inside the dungeon..... I just realized that now I'm so hungry because I had no time to eat lunch.

[Lia let's have a dinner. I will make something for us] (Toru)

[Oh yes, I will help too!] (Lia)

Lia is not very good with cooking but if we do it together, I guess it will be fine.

[What are you making this time?] (Lia)

[Let's see, I got some chicken so I will make Omurice] (Toru)

[Omurice?] (Lia)

[Fufufu~ You don't know it just as I thought. Omurice is delicious] (Toru)

[I am really looking forward to it] (Lia)

Let's not make Lia do any complicated stuff. I will let her make the beaten egg that have a little milk added to it.

I chop the onions finely and cut the chicken in bit-sized while casting a glance sideways to make sure there no egg shell mixed in the beaten egg.

I fry the chicken in a frying pan, stirring up the onion until translucent, then put the cooked rice together, and last added some ketchup.

[Keep stirring for some time.......... and chicken rice is completed!! There is no butter so I will use a little olive in another frying pan. Lia, please give me a bowl of beaten egg!] (Toru)

[Yes!] (Lia)

[This is the tricky part that will decide whether the egg will turn out soft or not!] (Toru)

Cook the egg with medium heat, when the surface is starting to harden, pour the chicken rice and quickly put it on the plate so that the egg wrapped the chicken rice before it's completely solidfied!!

[Oh, beautiful!!] (Lia)

[One serving finished! I will make another serving soon!] (Toru)

Unlike fried rice, the last process of wrapping the chicken rice with omelette, can only be done one serving at a time.

[Love is the secret of deliciousness] (Toru)

[Hmm? Did you say something?] (Lia)

[No, it's nothing!!] (Toru)

It's my habit to say strange things once in a while when cooking.

[The skill that I honed because I wanted Grandma to eat my cooking~! Yotto!!] (Toru)

[Amazing!! The egg flipped over!! Toru-sama really loves Grandma, indeed!!] (Lia)

[Did I say something again? Never mind, the dish is finished!] (Toru)

It's embarrassing. Well, Lia doesn't seem to mind it.

[Let's dig in!!] (Toru)

[Yes~!!] (Lia)

[ [ Itadakimasu!! ] ]

The two of us said "itadakimasu" together in a harmony.

[Mhnn..... delicious!! It's so delicious that my tears came out!! So fluffy!!] (Lia)

[You praised me too much, isn't it because you were hungry?] (Toru)

Even so, it seems I was able to do it well. The combination of chicken rice and fluffy egg are irresistible, indeed.

[This is also a rice dish. Does Toru-sama like the dishes made of rice?] (Lia)

[I like it~ Does Lia dislike it?] (Toru)

[I love it too!!] (Lia)

[Then, I will make other rice dishes again next time~] (Toru)

[I'm happy!!] (Lia)

[I'm glad to hear that. By the way, after finished the meal I will.....] (Toru)

[May I take a bath after I finished the meal?] (Lia)

I was told that she wanted to take a bath when I tried to talk about entering the dungeon. But that’s better, I can go while Lia take a bath with this.....

[I will wear a school swimsuit, so would you to enter with me? I will wash your back~] (Lia)

[N-No, that's.... I don't have a swimsuit..... wait, I think I could find one.....] (Toru)

[That was a joke. Would Toru-sama take a bath first?] (Lia)

What? That was a joke? But just in case, I should look for a swimsuit. Lia entered the bath after finished washing the plate.

[Now what? I guess I'll go to the dungeon alone] (Toru)

There should be no strong enemies, so let's go!!

I equipped a helmet with headlight and pickaxe before entering the dungeon as usual.

[Monster found.....] (Toru)

It's a slime. The color is light blue. To tell the truth, I have killed several of them the other moments ago. I was desperate to close the door and to help Enami-san at that time. Now I don't have that kind of thing in mind, I get nervous to face them.

But according to Deet's story, there seems to be no case of people losing against blue light slime even if their level is 1. Furthermore, I brought Japanese equipment that's basically has a high capability. I tightened my hand that’s holding a pickaxe.

I approached slowly and swung my pickaxe, the slime scattered with a splash.


I killed several other slimes. Before long, the monster inside this room ceased to exist.

[There is no monster left huh? My level didn't go up this time. Come to think of it, my level went up before] (Toru)

Let's check the status.


: Tooru Suzuki
: Human
: 21
: Unemployed
: 5  / ∞

Physical Power
: 26/26
Magical Power
: 39/39
Attack Power
: 119
Defense Power
: 44

: 15
: 26
: 17

 【Skills                     : No-Limits Growth, Person Appraisal Lvl 1/10


Oh, great~ I gradually becoming stronger. My status has changed quite a bit from the previous one. My grip strength was 40kg before but now is 60kg. Hmm? Person Appraisal Lvl 1/10, huh!?

[That reminds me, this is something that Deet was talking about. When your level goes up, you can learn new skills or your skill level may go up too] (Toru)

It seems like I learned new skill as I reached level 5. Deet was also talking about this before, a skill to check the status of others and their hidden skills. I don't know about Lia's status yet, let's use it if there is a chance. I'm looking forward to it!

[I want to be stronger! Is there no more slime?] (Toru)

I thoroughly look for slime inside the big room of the dungeon, but I can hardly find any.

[There is nothing left, huh..... that's right!!] (Toru)

I wonder if there is larva of slime somewhere here. I missed a small slime before and it got bigger, so it's not that strange if this time, there is one or two small slime escaped from my sight. I carefully scan the surroundings.

[There!!] (Toru)

A slime smaller than eraser is slowly crawling on the stone floor. However, even if I defeated such a small slime, the experience value I got would be low for sure.

[Let's feed this little one until got bigger and defeat it! But wait, if things goes well, there is a chance that the slime will multiply! This is the first step of the aquaculture plan!] (Toru)

I put the smile inside a plastic bag from Don Quijote to take it home. I found a transparent tupperware in the kitchen.

[Yeah, this is a sturdy container so it will be fine] (Toru)

I placed a small plate containing water and vegetable waste.

[Open an air hole.....] (Toru)

It's finished. Even so, this slime is white.

[I hear that it's better to be careful of purple and ocher-colored slime, so I wonder about the white one] (Toru)

I’m planning to nurture this slime in the dungeon but somehow, I want to watch it a little more.

Lia always took a long bath so it will be fine if it's just a little longer, I guess. Let's have a tea inside the Japanese-style room while watching the slime.

◆ ◆ ◆

I'm watching the white slime moving and changing shape inside the tupperware without getting tired of it.

[Yup, it's gradually getting cute!!] (Toru)

I think that the slime reacted happily with *purun-purun* when I said that it was cute.

(TL : purun- a 'jiggling/wobbling' sound effect (puddings, breasts) word doubling- stresses a word & sometimes makes it cuter)

How adorable!! I gradually lose the feeling to kill it.

[I wonder what Lia would think if I showed the slime to her..... no, I guess that's a bad idea. I feel that Lia is afraid of monster] (Toru)

She was collapsed inside dungeon because of paralysis poison from monster attack and almost died.

Unexpected thought comes to my mind when I was thinking about such things.

[This slime, would it be better to keep it as a pet rather than for experience value?] (Toru)

Then, I suddenly heard a sound of someone coming out from the washroom. It must be Lia, she will found out about the slime.....

[Oh, no! I have to hide this slime somewhere! That's right!!] (Toru)

In the closet, I hide the tupperware in the cardboard box full of forbidden books (= erotic doujinshi) which I had strictly warned Lia to never open it.

[You can read the forbidden book but don't come out from the closet!] (Toru)

I got the feeling that the slime shake its body with *purun* to answer me.

The door of Japanese-style room opened so I closed the closet in a hurry. Lia in a bloomers has a strange look on her face.

[Toru-sama, what's wrong?] (Lia)

[No-Nothing. There is absolutely nothing!!] (Toru)

[Is that so? The bathroom is available] (Lia)

[Yeah, thanks!] (Toru)

I went to the bathroom in a good mood. I hope the white slime get bigger quickly!!

**Proofreader : Niel Dade**

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