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1.16 - I Decide To Aim To Become A Dungeon Master While Raising My Level

[Are you serious?] (Toru)

[Yeah!! At first, I thought it was thanks to the school swimsuit that my growth limit had increased from level 47 to level 48. But it was still level 48 even when I took it off..... perhaps, when Toru made me drink the cola using mouth-to-mouth, it was caused] (Deet)

So that’s the reason of what she did a short while ago.

[Then, how is the result..... after you kissed me?] (Toru)

[My growth limit has became level 49 now!! I wonder if the 【No-Limits Growth】 skill affected me when we kiss?] (Deet)

[For real? Have you ever heard that 【No-Limits Growth】 skill could affect other person through a kiss?] (Toru)

[Never, it would be big news by now if such a thing were known] (Deet)

I guess so. That's why she is truly delighted after she found out about this fact.

[But the ability to overcome growth limits, is there nothing like skill details being displayed somewhere?] (Toru)

[I don’t know about the world where Toru came from. But in extremely rare cases, a person with high level appraisal skill may be able to see unique or latent abilities of skill which even the owner himself couldn't see] (Deet)

[Appraisal skill!? Is there something convenient like that?] (Toru)

[When your level goes up as Unemployed, you will be able to learn appraisal skill eventually] (Deet)

[Unemployed is surprisingly amazing!] (Toru)

[You also will be able to learn magic] (Deet)

[Wh-What did you say?] (Toru)

Ain't Unemployed pretty awesome?

[But compared to other occupations that are suitable for magic, I don't know what level is needed before the skill appears] (Deet)

[Uhe~!] (Toru)

[It has a growth limit that is said to be around level 15 on average, but the skill often doesn’t appear until that point. Usually skills appear when one’s level rises] (Deet)

[Eh? But I have no growth limits, right?] (Toru)

[That’s right. It’s just as I said earlier, you will be able to learn it eventually. To put it simply, you just need to defeat a mountain of monsters to level up before the lifespan comes to an end]

Mountain of monsters huh? I might be able to manage it somehow. However, when I think about my lifespan, it's unlikely I could do something about it.

Deet brings her face closer to mine while closing her eyes for some reason.

[Wh-What now?] (Toru)

[Mou~! Of course a kiss] (Deet)

[Pl-Please wait a moment!!] (Toru)

[Oh, come on. You don’t want to cooperate in raising my growth limits?] (Deet)

[Eee!?] (Toru)

[I have been an adventurer without growth for decades!! I couldn't level up anymore no matter how much monsters I defeated. Those who came later but have higher growth limits than me, have long surpassed me!!] (Deet)

Uuu~ that's certainly pitiful, however.....

[I get it already. Let's wait until you hit the current growth limits] (Toru)

[Oh come on, isn't it fine? You won't lose anything from it!!] (Deet)

But there is a smile of certain girl floating in my mind.

[I see~! It’s about Lia huh~!] (Deet)

Deer face turns deep red. I'm sure it’s not because she is embarrassing.

[Do you like her?] (Deet)

[I don't dislike her..... it's just the matter of concern] (Toru)

I already know that the girl in front of me is just acting tough. I can see there is glittery things at the edge of her eyes. In addition.....

[Deet too.....] (Deet)

[Huh?] (Toru)

I was asked after a little silence.

[How about me?] (Deet)

[About the same, I guess.....] (Toru)

No matter what happens, being honest is always right. There was nothing other than to tell her the truth.

[Fufu~ I see~ I see~!!] (Deet)

Deet tries to peep at my face who’s looking down and turns red.

[In such cases, would girl normally get angry?] (Toru)

[I'm not that narrow minded but I don’t know about that girl] (Deet)

[Is there such a thing?] (Toru)

[You may choose that girl first~] (Deet)

[Eh? What do you mean?] (Toru)

Perhaps Deet doesn't feel anything about me and just wants to raise her growth limits.

[Mou~ I really like you!! It's true that I like you, but she is a human so she will die earlier than me] (Deet)

[Eh?] (Toru)

[After 80 years at best, I will monopolize Toru for myself] (Deet)

Deet laughs heartily as she’s regaining her spirit. It’s the confidence of long-liver elf, however.....

[No, it’s not only Lia but I will likely also die after 80 years] (Toru)

Regardless whether I will go out with Deet after 80 years or not, it comes down to the same problem of life span like earlier.

Even if there is a safe method for raising the level using the tools from Don Quijote, it doesn't solve the problem about lifespan.

[There seem to be easy way to raise the level though. But I can't do anything about lifespan as expected.....] (Toru)

I muttered so in trouble.

[I know the way to extended lifespan. But in order to realize it, Toru needs to raise the level tremendously....] (Deet)

At the same time, Deet also muttered something in trouble.

Each other's remarks surprised the other party. Deet looks straight at my face.

[What is an easy way to level up?] (Deet)

[Yeah, I will tell you. Please teach me how to extend the lifespan afterwards] (Toru)


I told Deet about the method I thought of utilizing tools from Don Quijote.

[What do you think? In my world animals are actively cultivated, something like stockbreeding of sort] (Toru)

[To-Toru, it’s a groundbreaking idea. Monster breeding, to cultivate targeted monsters inside dungeon to be exterminated later..... it was a really blind spot] (Deet)

You get reward from the guild. Deet and other adventurers desperately fight monsters to make living.

I guess because of this, the concept of monster is different from me who comes from different world.

[To watch the monsters at the other side of computer screen through camera and defeat them using traps. I'm still not sure unless I go to Don Quijote and check this out, but it's likely possible] (Toru)

[Ouu~ For real!?] (Deet)

[Yeah, because there is a profession called trap teacher in my world too. By just watching the PC and then clicking the button from the comfortable room inside apartment.....] (Toru)

[That’s right~ while eat potato chips and drinking cola just like playing online game] (Toru)

This is the best environment for Hikikomori.

[Th-That’s awesome!! I wonder what is the meaning of my sweat and blood I shed in these two hundreds years?] (Deet)

Deet held her head.

[Allright!! Now Deet, tell me how to extend my lifespan. Oi Deet!!] (Toru)

[Dungeon master.....] (Deet)

Yes. Dungeon master? Deet muttered so while holding her head.

[What is that?] (Toru)

[To put it in word, it’s some kind of skill. The skill to become a master of dungeon] (Deet)

[.........The master of dungeon] (Toru)

[Go to the bottom most layer of the dungeon and take over the skill from the current dungeon master. It's said that there is also a dungeon master inside this Yomi dungeon as well.....] (Deet)

[This means I have to become strong enough to get there] (Toru)

Deet nods.

[If it refuses to be taken over, it will be a fight. You must win it!!] (Deet)

[I see. I understood that strength is necessary, but how does it relate to lifespan?] (Toru)

[If you have the dungeon master's skill, you won’t get older] (Deet)

[Wh-What did you say~!? Doesn’t age, do you mean immortal?] (Toru)

[Eternal youth, that's why no one would want to let it go once they get the skill. There are the rumors about dungeon master hiding behind the monsters to protect oneself] (Deet)

Umu~ it’s certain that no one would want to let it go.

[But you see, I don’t wish for such a long live] (Toru)

To such me, Deet begins to smile suspiciously.

[Oh dear..... Toru. While going back and forth between the apartment world and the dungeon world, are you not interested in being together with me, an elf who remains young forever? It’ll surely be fun] (Deet)

[Hmm? Well yeah, it sounds tempting. But I wonder if such a thing is going to make grandma in heaven sad?] (Toru)

[Why not? You are not doing something bad anyway] (Deet)

Deet is stroking my chest using her index finger to stimulate me. Moreover in bloomers appearance. Is she really a virgin with this much sex appeal?

[However..... You said before that the dungeon master hides behind the monsters to protect oneself, right? Because of that a lot adventurers die] (Toru)

[Even if You don't want it, others will want it. There is also an aspect that the economy is running around because of the monsters] (Deet)

[Well, that may be so but.....] (Toru)

[If Toru becomes dungeon master~ You probably won't need using monsters to protect yourself, you know? You can just hide inside the apartment room] (Deet)

[Th-That's right.....] (Toru)

[It’s for a life] (Deet)

Deet brings her well-shaped mouth near my ear. Her voice that’s almost like a whisper feels good on my ear.

[Besides, what is the meaning of raising your level?] (Deet)

[That's right] (Toru)

[It's decided. I will raise my level, doing a little dungeon exploration, and aim to become a dungeon master!!] (Toru)

[Yes!! You have to promise me~!!] (Deet)

[I will work hard!!] (Toru)

It’s likely going to be difficult.

[Please get the skill for me. Because the long-lived elves tend to spend their long lives in solitary] (Deet)

I think that the problem lies in her character though.  I wonder if there is a reason of why she is always alone? What is the meaning of a girl with that much sex appeal couldn't find a man for 221 years?

[Un-Understood!!] (Toru)

Like this, I intend to raise my level with a method that's still vague. In the meantime I also got a new goal of aiming for a dungeon master position.

Well, I just wanted to start a peaceful live alone at first ..... but Lia is scared and Deet is lonely. I love the two of them, it seems that there is still something I have to do to help them.

**Proofreader : Ninetail Vixen**

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