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Chapter 112 - Public Execution?

We get out of the basement, board a horse-drawn carriage, and leave the castle. The public execution will be held in the vast grassland, not far from the city.

From the carriage, I saw the condition of this city for the first time. Nothing unusual with the buildings but the atmosphere around gives me an unpleasant feeling. There is no crowd which is typical of urban areas. It's so quiet just like a ghost town.

There are several beastmen here and there but most of them are women, children, and old people. Perhaps, the city was in such a state because almost all its residents left, to participate in the war.

The question was answered as soon as our carriage came out of the city. Enormous number of fully armed beastmen had formed ranks in the grassland.

Our carriage pushes through the sea of beastmen, towards the front rank. Several passing beastmen are directing their eyes full of anger towards us. Under such intense gazes, our carriage finally stops when it arrives at the front rank.

The door of carriage is opened. As we come out of the carriage, the line of spear holders were ready to restraint our movement outside. The booing flies towards us from every direction.

[Kill!! Kill those human!!]

[Kill them~!! Kill them~!!]

[Show us the blood!! Those filthy human's blood!!]

Generally speaking, such words began to come from everywhere. It's infected them as a whole and it seems like the anger of all beastmen in this place are dumped towards us simultaneously.

Why do they hate human to this extent? I don't know the reason but right now, those accumulated feelings are directed towards the two human in front of their eyes, which is none other than us.

[BE QUIET.....!!] (Deizu)

It's not a loud voice, but the booing that fills this place stopped at once after he uttered those words.

I look at the person who uttered those words. Black armor that doesn't obstruct his movement, red cloak like the color of blood, Deizu the top person of hardliner faction is coming out from luxuriously built tent. As usual, he is looking at us with eyes full of anger when we are brought to an open space in front him.


When Deizu raised one hand and proclaims so, a wave of booing is coming from the beastmen behind us as a response. He let us bathed under such swearing before lowering his hand again as a signal to stop, the surroundings turns silent.


Deizu pointing a large tent next to the tent where he came before, as to guide our line of sight. I look towards the direction as he dictated.

Inside the iron cage, there are about twenty beastmen who are handcuffed in the same manner as us.

Are they the people from moderate faction? There are some familiar faces inside, Marao and the people who I met at the hideout are over there. Barro-san is also inside the cage for some reason. There is a red mark like a hand on his left cheek.

Did Marao hit you?

While thinking such a thing, Marao who noticed us, grabs iron bars in front of her with both hands and throws a voice with a look that seems about to cry.

[Sorry!! Because of me something like this happened, I'm sorry!!] (Marao)

I don't need your apology because I don't have any intention to die in this place. But, there is something I need to ask.

[It's not your fault. More importantly, what happened with Meru?] (Wazu)

I don't see the figure of Meru inside the cage. If something bad happened to Meru I will.....

I will massacre everyone in this place.

I flooded the surrounding with the killing intent. Marao and the surrounding people suffered from the thirst for blood which overflowed. Grave-san went "Phew" while Deizu remained in the same angry expression.

Marao answered to my question while still frightened.

[A-About Me-Meru, she escaped before we all got caught!!] (Marao)

I see..... I dispersed the killing intent from the air and looking at the sky while praying for Meru safety.

I noticed there is a small object fluttered in the direction where I looking at. Perhaps, that's Meru. You should stay there for a little more.

[I'm terribly sorry..... To drag you people into this situation..... You can blame me, curse me, or anything.....] (Gio)

There was a beastman who lowered his head and said so inside the cage. Among the other beastmen inside the cage, he has the best physique with beast's ears and facial features such as a lion. He wore a clothes that looks good quality. Perhaps he is Marao's father, Gio Leganile.

[Father.....!!] (Marao)

Marao said so to his father who lowered his head with a sad look. He was not the only one who calls out to us.

[ [ [ Grave..... ] ] ]

[Ritto, Putti, Iura, I'm glad you are safe!!] (Grave)

Grave-san shows a smile to reassure those three women that are his wives.

Judging from the order he called them, a woman with fox ears who looks most grown up is Ritto-san, a woman with bear ears and childish face is Putti-san, all of them wore a maid clothes.

They embraced each other while shedding tears in front of us.

[I don't want it..... I don't want Grave to die.....] (Putti)

Putti's heartbreaking voice is heard but the executioners keep advancing towards us, heartlessly ignoring her plea.

There are two executioners holding a big sword, their head is covered by a cloth. Each stands next to me and Grave-san while raising their swords high. With a signal, the surrounding beastmen forced us to kneel down with head sticking out.

[DO IT!!] (Deizu)

As soon as Deizu uttered those words, the big sword was swung down towards our neck.

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