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15 Hikime – Taku’s Party Members

Suddenly I feel exhausted after read it, I hurriedly looked at the surrounding.

Several poeple quickly averted their eyes
Some poeple look at me with sparkling eyes
And a lot of poeple are look at me with glistening eyes.

For now every last of them are guilty.

[Haa. . . .] (Yu)

I wasn't worrying about it until just now, but the word 'Usa-tan' is restlessly being heard from the surrounding. What the hell is Usa-tan. . .

[I think this happened because there was no prior information about this equipment set, in addition you are walking down the street with that appearance. Well, I think this will calm down in no time because the acquisition method is simple. . .] (Ria)

[And I was just thinking of going to hunt tonight. . .] (Yu)

[Everyone would surely following you and the number will still increased becuse right now there's almost no hunting ground without players] (Ria)

*Orekko. . . !?*
*But this is good!*

The onlooker conversation is getting annoying.

Umm. . . a place where I can go by myself without having to worry about followers (stalkers), like the forest or mountain, maybe. But I wonder if it's better to log-out until things calmed down.

It feels like I was defeated here.

Ah I see, in the end there is only one place that I’ve never been before but that place is still. . .

[Osh! I saw it Yu. I saw the screenshot but it’s more wonderful when I see the real thing. Is the Rabbit’s set completed?] (Taku)

[Fighting power securement!!] (Yu)

[Kyuii~] [Hooo~]

[Uoo. . .? what is it?] (Taku)

I saw a familiar effeminate face talking to me from the crowd of poeple so I told Boparu and Mizuki to secure it. When you can't go by yourself you just need to increased the number.

I have nothing to be afraid any more!

[Captain you are too fast -ssu, owh is that Ria’s friend you are talking about. . . . as I thought it’s a girl -ssu]

[No, even like that he’s a man you know?] (Taku)
*zawa* (astonishment)

[A man? Aah that’s kind of setting huh, roger that –ssu!]

*zawa* (consent) 

[He said a setting, are you good with that, Yu?] (Taku)

[Well whatever, I’m getting used to it] (Yu)

[Ah I see. . . you must have it hard] (Taku)

[Thank you. . .] (Yu)

Somehow he feels sorry for me, but I’m fine already.

[Fu ~o~o~o~o~o~o! Taku x Yu! Gochininarimasu!!]
(TL : Can somebody tell me the meaning of Gochininarimasu?)

[Cho! Rikacchi you have nosebleed!!]

Behind Taku are a black skin man which seem frivolous wearing metalic armor with a tower shield that its height surpassed the man itself. The other one is a light-blue haired woman with a blue robe which seem emotionally unstable. They are Taku’s party members, but what to say. . . hmm, what should I say. . .

[Well, they do have a unique personality, I say. . .] (Taku)

[. . . Ah sorry, maybe it’s hard to believe but they are excellent water magic and shield users. Really, I wonder why they are excellent?] (Taku)

[Well. . . what to say, cheer up!] (Yu)

They say a Summoner is unpopular to be in a party with, but I preferred to be in a party with Boparu and Mizuki because they are cute, also cute. It’s 100 times better than Taku’s party members.

[So? What are the others?] (Yu)

[Oh the others are. . . the Beastman is a Scout and the Elf is a Archer, we also have a Healer (drug user) here. I and Rika the Healer are Human race, the Shield User is a Dwarf.] (Taku)

[Oh it seems to be balanced party] (Yu)

[Right? But the drawback is less time for everyone to play together because is hard to adjust play time when making fixed party in MMO] (Taku)

[Well in this point Summoner is preferred becuse it’s basically solo] (Yu)

[Right? We went all the way to the mountain early morning to fight the area boss Golem, but in the end the party must be disbanded because 3 poeple have to leave. When I said to search for people with the detection ability, captain talked about Yu-cchi so we
come here. . .]

[Don’t say unnecessary things! It’s as he say, so how about we go hunting together? A reward is half of the drop item] (Taku)

[No problem but I have one condition, I want go to a place where I can get away from these annoying follower] (Yu)

[Hmm. . . what is you Dash level at?] (Taku)
[ 7 ] (Yu)

[It’s pretty high. Then let’s avoid battle until we arrive at rest spot around the mountain top and we will hunt Goat there. Will Boparu be okay?] (Taku)

[Of course, there's no problem for Mizuki either] (Yu)

[Ki~yuii] [Hooo~]

[Oh how reliable, then I’m counting on you guys. Now you heard that? Let’s marathon to the summit!] (Taku)

[Seriously -ssu] [Boo. . .]

[Today I almost couldn’t level-up at all you know? Or do you prefer to endlessly hunting Rat like before?] (Taku)

[I’m going. Let’s go immediately!]

[Noo, I’ve enough with Rats!]

[Ah, I roughly know how you feel] (Yu)

A memory of 3 hours in order to sealing Rat.

[Yu. . . what are you waiting for? Come on! Move! Move!] (Taku)
[ [Ooh!] ] [Kyuii~] [Hooo~]

[Well then Ria-san We are leaving] (Yu)

[Yeah. Have a nice day] (Ria)

[Eh wait! Seroiusly wait for me! I don’t know the way! Waiiit!] (Yu)

[A wa wa wa wa wa wa. . .] (Yu)


. . . I caught up easily. Agility correction seriously thanks.

« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »
« Skill : Dash skill has leveled-up »

[Alright, let’s take a little break!] (Taku)

[ [ [ Ouu! ] ] ]

About 1 hour after leaving the town we came to a mountain summit after thoroughly avoiding to battle with monster using Boparu and Mizuki Enemy Searching skill. The other player (stalker) also quickly following us.

. . . the result is, nobody caught up with us because they all got tangled with the monster that we left behind, are they allright? They should be allright. I belive they are allright.

[So? What kind of monsters appears around here?] (Yu)

[Hmm? Let’s see, during the day are basically Turtles and Monkeys. At night there are Turtles and Bats, but we are looking for Goats as the main target. Normaly Goats come out during the day but they have a high Area Perception ability like Rabbits in addition they are able to run on steep cliff to escape and you can die if you fall when chasing it. Because of that we will looking for Goats during the night when they are in sleep a
state. They have good experience value, also the probability is low but they dropped milk that can be sold at a high price] (Taku)

[Hou. . . can I get the milk if I summoned Goat?] (Yu)

[If it’s female Goat, I think it’s possible. How long until you can summon the next monster?] (Taku)

[Well I still need 5 sealed monster because I just summoned Mizuki] (Yu)

[Even if you sealed Turtle, Bat, and Goat 2 monsters are still missing
. Tell me next time you will summoned new monster okay?] (Taku)

[Yeah if I’m ready to summon] (Yu)

[Yosh, everyone prepare for battle, let’s go!!] (Taku)

[ [ [ Ouu!! ] ] ]

[Boparu and Mizuki I’m counting on you to search for enemy] (Yu)

[Kyuii!] [Hooo~]

 Well let's see how our first battle in mountain.

+ + + + +

**If you have any suggestion or finding fault in my translation feel free to tell me**

Translator : Sabishii desu
Proof reader : Truffle 

1. Orekko is Japanese term for a girl that using 'Ore' to refers herself to look tomboyish, normaly 'Ore' is used by boys while girls used 'Atashi'  


  1. At least he gave up saying that he's a man every now and then... I won't even mind if the author just changes Yu's gender to a grill completely.

  2. thank you fro the chapter.

    about Gochininarimasu translate? maybe it's meaning for "thank you for the feast" or something like that. the detail maybe you can search or ask someone expert in BL fans or slash comedy.

  3. Nooo... You can't accept it like that!!!! You need to scream out your lung saying "I'M A MAN"

  4. Thank you for the chapter!!!
    Also i can see yun over here.... Aren't you supposed to be at the original one?

  5. So can he only unseal 1 monster for every 5 sealed? I thought he could unseal sd many as he wanted but would have to switch them out to use them.


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