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2.4. I Went To Don Quijote With Elf

[Then, let me investigate it at once]

[You are really persistent, aren’t you? This is illegal to enter someone’s house without permission] (Toru)

[Didn't Suzuki-san who let me in?]

This NNK fellow seems to be called Enami. This guy is really persistent.

(TL : 江波 how to read this name? Enami?)

[I get it. I get it already. But promise me to use the window in Japanese-style room when you leave] (Toru)

After we throw him outside, he come back again as soon as he recovered his consciousness. I together with Lia who were unpacking stuffs, stopped our hands.

He is really going to get himself killed if he comes back when I'm not around. Fortunately, he doesn't seem to care with a blonde beautiful woman in a bloomers, inside.

I have no choice, I decide to let him in, to confirm it by his eyes.

[You don't have to search it until that place] (Toru)

[There is also something called bathroom TV now] (Enami)

Enami is looking for TV inside the bathroom. Lia is standing between me and Enami as precaution to protect me.

[Even so, young lady.....] (Enami)

*gulp* will he comment a blonde beautiful girl in bloomers before him at least?

[ was a good Tsuppari before. Even though I looked like this, I was former sumo wrestler. I was really surprised] (Enami)

(TL : Tsuppari (突っ張り) = To rapidly deliver a harite (張り手) or open hand strike to the opponent. This technique is frequently used by oshi-zumō or pushing sumo wrestlers)

I see. That's answering the question about his toughness.

[There is nothing here.....] (Enami)

I told you before. Enami is looking for TV inside bathroom, washroom, dining room, and every corners of Western-style room. The last, he comes to Japanese-style room.

[There is no TV at first glance. However, inside the closet.....] (Enami)

[Stop!!] (Toru)

[What is it? There is TV inside as I thought!] (Enami)

[That's wrong!!] (Toru)

[Then, what is inside?] (Enami)

I whispered to Enami.

[There are erotic books inside..... mostly are Thin Books collection. I can't let her to see them] (Toru)

[It's normal for a healthy man to have one or two erotic books, so you don't have to hide it!!] (Enami)

This guy is useless. There is no use to speak with him. I take Lia out of Japanese-style room.

[Is that fine? There are forbidden books inside, aren't there? It can't be..... it was the dark magician's aim since beginning.....] (Lia)

[No problem. Just leave him alone.....] (Toru)

Enami returned after a while with his shoulder completely dropped. I somewhat feeling sorry for him.

[There was really nothing.....] (Enami)

[Of course. Please don't get depressed over it!!] (Toru)

[I made it into Jūryō division but had to stop from sumo wrestling because of my knees injured..... and now, I can't even get a single contract.....] (Enami)

(TL : Jūryō (十両) = Ten ryō. The second-highest division of sumo wrestlers, below makuuchi and above makushita, and the lowest division where the wrestlers receive a salary and full privileges)

I'm don’t quite understand about sumo wrestling, but he is quite amazing to be able made it into Jūryō division, isn’t he?

[But I won't give up. I will come back again when Suzuki-san had bought a television] (Enami)

[This is worst, please do it when I am in home. You will seriously get killed if you meet the girls without me] (Toru)

I don't know whether Enami understand what I said before but he leave through "the entrance" without me knowing it.

[Fuh~ he finally left.....] (Toru)

Come to think of it, where did Deet go? He was in front of the computer before, but it looks like she wasn't in the western-style room anymore.

[Lia, I leave this place to you~] (Toru)

[Yes!!] (Lia)

I ask Lia to unpack the cardboard boxes inside the dining room as I go to look for Deet.

Deet was cleaning up something alone when I went to Japanese-style room. Is that the forbidden book in her hands? That guy..... he just leave the room in a mess and went off.

[T-That's.....] (Toru)

I tried to make an excuse, but Deet just opened the closet and put the books inside as if nothing had happened.

[You will be disliked by Lia if you don't hide them properly] (Deet)

[No, umm..... that's.....] (Toru)

[You don't have to hide it from me. Please lend me one or two books of Toru's favorites later for studies] (Deet)

[Eh!?] (Toru)

Once I lend her the books, I wonder what will she do with them? No, I guess I will just give them to her.

[Even so, Japan is sure amazing. I'd love to see it myself!!] (Deet)

[No problem, the three of us can go anytime] (Toru)

[Let's go with only the two of us!!] (Deet)

I can't leave Lia alone here as expected. There are problems about forbidden books and it will be a disaster if someone comes when I’m not around.

Deet further persuades me when I was thinking about such things.

[You want to exchange white gold coins to Gadius gold coins, don't you?] (Deet)

[Yeah, that will be a great help!!] (Toru)

I already told her about the story I cashed out Gadius coin in Japan.

[I was thinking of going back to the surface for a while] (Deet)

[Eeeh?] (Toru)

I feel like it was rather sudden.

[So before that.....] (Deet)


[How can Toru-sama and Deet-san go while I have to watch the house?] (Lia)

[Well, you see..... it's a common sense that using transition magic with three people or more will be dangerous. Next time I will go with Lia so cheer up!!] (Toru)

I leave Lia in the house and go to Japan together with Deet. Of course all forbidden stuffs is hidden deep inside.

[H-Have a safe trip!!] (Lia)

[I'm off!!] (Toru)

In Lia's eyes, it would look like we are disappearing into the stone wall as we wave our hands. But in actual, the two of us just passed through the window.

The idea that people from the dungeon's side can go out to Japan as long as our bodies get in touch was correct as I thought.

We already outside in the next instant. Deet opened her eyes wide before the spectacle of Japan.

[So this is Japan..... amazing!!] (Deet)

[Please do not speak much because there is no telepathy language in this world] (Toru)

[How come? It’s inconvenient, even though I could understand the foreign language] (Deet)

[That’s how is it] (Toru)

Speaking of which, monster language is not telepathic language, but even if you can't speak monster language, the adventurers seems often to be able understand it.

Once you understand monster language, it will be advantageous when monsters are attacking in group.

[I understand! I understand!] (Deet)

[Then, shall we go?] (Toru)

Deet is frightened by the surrounding and following me with a step like a baby fawn.

It would be too conspicuous if she goes outside in bloomers so I lent her jeans, shirt, and hat. Her pointed ears are hidden under the hat and her hairstyle.

[Are you okay?] (Toru)

[Y-Yes!!] (Deet)

I decide to hold her hand.

[T-Thanks!!] (Deet)

[Don't mind it] (Toru)

We get on a sidewalk beside a big arterial road. The general discount store Don Quijote is just ahead.

[HYUUU!!] (Deet)

Deet raised a loud voice when she saw a car passed, though there was a considerable distance. The surrounding people are surprised by her cries and turn their attention at us.

During that time, they give us a strange look before turn away.

[Deet, please don't make a loud voice] (Toru)

[B-But what was that? I'm scared] (Deet)

[That is a car, some kind of vehicle] (Toru)

[I knew it from computer but I never thought it was so fast!!] (Deet)

Did you know it? That's quite impressive.

Deet clings on me tightly. Although it just simple shirt, jeans, and hat, it doesn’t lessen her beauty. I don't think it's bad, but the jealous gazes of surrounding men have been quite conspicuous.

[Anyway, let's hurry to Don Quijote] (Toru)

[Uun~] (Deet)

When we enter Don Quijote, Deet begins to scan the surrounding without restrain.

[Those colorful stuffs, is that all for sale?] (Deet)

[Yeah, that's right!] (Toru)

[I feel giddy.....] (Deet)

[Let's take a break there for a moment] (Toru)

I make Deet sit down on the bench around. There are various food shops alongside.

[Are you alright?] (Toru)

[I'm fine..... I'm fine.....] (Deet)

Perhaps, she was surprised at the amount of visual information.

[I will buy something delicious] (Toru)

[No, you don't have to.....] (Deet)

[It’s fine, just wait a moment] (Toru)

Crepes, ice cream, takoyaki..... hmm, what should I buy? Let's go with crepes.

[Please give me one banana chocolate cream flavor, and a cola] (Toru)

Occasionally I want to eat other things, but crepes is the best with banana chocolate cream.

I saw two men were talking to Deet when I come back to the bench. Deet was staring at them with cold eyes. This is bad!!

[Excuse me. Can I help you? This girl is a foreigner and can't speak Japanese] (Toru)

[So she is a foreigner as I thought. She looks like was in trouble so I asked if she got lost, but if she was with you then all good]

The two men waving their hands lightly and leave. It looks like they try to pick-up girl, but they seems not a bad guys. They disappear before long.

[What was that? How frivolous!! Suddenly talk to me casually!!] (Deet)

[You seemed in trouble so they tried to help, I guess] (Toru)

Her mood turns bad.

[Did they say something strange?] (Toru)

[Not really. They just said would like to show me around, but because you told me not to speak too much, I just glared at them] (Deet)

They were quite handsome but it doesn't seem work for Deet. Come to think of it, I was rushing here without a second thought because Deet's cold gaze was pretty scary.

[Come eat this to make you feel better, I also bought cola for you] (Toru)

[Wh-What is this?] (Deet)

[Crepes] (Toru)

Deet looked at various things in internet before, but it seems she had not known about crepes yet.

[It's have a sweet smell, I'll try it!!] (Deet)

[Please~] (Toru)

Deet puts the edge of crepes in her glossy lips.

[Mmmmnnnnnnnnn..............!!!] (Deet)

It seems my choice was right. The crepes steadily disappearing, started from its edge. I heard that sugar is valuable in the past. It seems that in the world at dungeon's side also same.

Deet look at me hurtfully when she saw the crepes almost disappeared from her hands.

[I'm sorry..... although there is only one, but I almost ate it all.....] (Deet)

She tries to hand over the remaining crepes to me. There is cream in her mouth. I wipe it with a paper napkin that I got when I bought it.

[Here~] (Deet)

[You can eat the rest] (Toru)

[You are grinning~] (Deet)

[Oh sorry, sorry!! You seem to enjoy it so much] (Toru)

[Hmph, it's not that special. I had enough of it~] (Deet)

The truth is she wanted to eat it all. She is going to be sad if I ate the rest, but it will hurt her pride if I decline here.

I gradually understand how to handle her.

[Then, I will eat half, so please eat the other half] (Toru)

[..........let's do so!!] (Deet)

Deet still leaves the cream on her mouth.

Her good mood comes back. After that, we are able to enjoy our walk inside Don Quijote.

[Oh, it's already time for halloween huh] (Toru)

[Halloween?] (Deet)

[It is a festival when people disguising themselves with foreign costumes etc. and having fun. Halloween is something like that, at least in Japan] (Toru)

I'm not interested in a festival full of Riajuu. When I'm about to leave the costumes corner, Deet is staring hard at something.

[What are you looking at?] (Toru)

Oh, it's a halloween witch costume, or a witch cosplay costume to be precise.

**Proofreader : Niel Dade**

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  1. The dialogues are confusing. It switches to Lia when it should be Deet who is talking.

    Anyway, thanks for the release!

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  4. Is it just me, or is this guy lying for no reason? Is there some benefit I'm overlooking? I mean- it seems to me the truth ('I'm from another world') is more impressive than 'I'm a sage'.
    People spreading 'there's a sage in the dungeon' would be just as bad as 'there's a person from another world...'. wouldn't it?

    1. I think it's just because he doesn't want Lia to hate him from lying to her in the first place.

    2. Matthew Rios is correct, probably, but the longer he lies the deeper he digs the hole he is in! Best bet now is to combine the lies with the truth - I am a Great Sage from Another World, who has used my powerful magic to connect my world to your Dungeon - behold the miraculous Artifacts that My Superior Civilization composed of Great Sages has Created!!

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    1. Where is that number coming from? We are still on the third day (lol)

  6. Hello Sabishii
    First of all, I would like to thank you for your work, thanks to this I can continue with my hobby of reading novels.
    Now, going to the main topic, I would like to translate your work from [Dungeon Rest Area] into Spanish. After seeing your work and several others, I decided that I wanted to deliver something too and since my current knowledge of Japanese is limited at the moment, I would like to take this project to start on translate and gain confidence.
    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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