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2.3 Dark Magician Is Coming

[I'm home~] (Toru)

[ [ Welcome home~ ] ] (Lia / Deet)

It's nice to have two beautiful women greet me when I come home. It would be even more pleasant if I could use the front door, not the window.

[I bought something for lunch!!] (Toru)

Deet frowned when she hear me say those words.

[Eh? Bought it?] (Lia)

Whoops!! I forgot there was a scenario about me as the great wiseman who secluded himself iniside dungeon.

Deet seems to think hard of something to cover my blunder.

[Toru-sama can go to the city of a distant country using transition magic] (Deet)

[Is that so? That's one of the legendary magics, right?] (Lia)

Deet slightly pinched my rear at the angle that invisible from Lia. She told me to be more careful.

[Th-Tha's right!!] (Toru)

I put the lunch I bought with the money from selling the Gadius gold coin on the table. It's hamburger and french fries. I decided to make my own salad with vegetables in the refrigerator.

[It looks delicious. Is this the same hamburger steak we ate yesterday? But this one is caught between bread] (Lia)

[You understand well. The one that is put between bread is called hamburger] (Toru)

Lia seemed to be happy and Deet was also surprisingly delighted.

[Is this the hamburger that Lia was talking about? I want to try it after listening to Lia about how delicious it was] (Deet)

It seems they had talking quite a lot when I wasn't around.

Their personalities are on the pollar opposite but the two might be able to become good friends unexpectedly.

[Then, let's eat while the hamburgers still warm, "Itadakimasu!!"] (Toru)

["Itadakimasu"? What is that?] (Deet)

Deet thought "Itadakimasu" might be used as a magic incantation of sort and asked.

[Hmm let's see, we eat the food in order to live, right? and "Itadakimasu" is a form of greeting to thank the food. Grandma said to never miss saying it before eating. Though didn't usually said it out of loud like before] (Toru)

[I see. Toru-sama really loves grandma?] (Lia)

[Because I was raised by grandma] (Toru)

[Fuuh~] (Deet)

While Deet is trying to further listen to my explanation, I heard "Itadakimasu!" in a loud voice.

[Lia.....] (Toru)

[The story is amazing, so I imitated Toru-sama] (Lia)

[That's right, then me too. "Itadakimasu!"] (Deet)

The two beauties are following grandma's teaching. There is nothing happier than this.

[Nnn~!! It's really delicious. Lia taught me that hamburger is delicious, but it's more than I expected. French fries can also be found in the place where I grew up] (Deet)

Deet also seems to think that hamburger is delicious, but to think there was also french fries in the other world.

[Deet-san, this hamburger is indeed delicious but.....] (Lia)

[Hmm? What is it Lia?] (Deet)

[The hamburger steak that Toru-sama made yesterday is mooore and mooore delicious than this, *toroon* the egg yolk flowed and mixed with the sauce when I cut it.....] (Lia)

Lia said something cute. I'd like to kiss her 3 times as a reward to raise her growth limits. However, there is a possibility I will eat her slap if I do such a thing suddenly.

Grip strength increase by 4 kilos for every 1 point of 【strength】 value that's raised. My neck might be broken if I get slapped by a person with such high a 【strength】 value.

Something else will be safe for a reward.

[“Gochisōsama” (thanks for the food)] (Toru)

After I teach these two otherworlders about Japan's custom after eating the meal, I put something that I bought from Don Quijote in front of Lia. I take out the content from a plastic bag.

[Waai~~~!! It's the same clothes as Deet-san!!] (Lia)

That's right. It's a set of gym uniform (with bloomers) and a school swimsuit.

Of course the female model prints wearing bloomers and school swimsuit has been taken out and thrown away before I came back to my apartment room.

[Because it's unfair, I also made the same artifacts as Deet’s for Lia. Please accept it] (Toru)

[Re-Really? I'm happy~~~!!!!!] (Lia)

Yeah, same here. I won’t find a beautiful woman who will be pleased to receive bloomers and a school swimsuit from me in Japan, it's all thanks to this property.

However, Deet is watching me with cold eyes for some reason.

[Can I change into this clothes in the dressing room?] (Lia)

[Of course. Then, let's talk together in the Japanese-style room while enjoying an after meal drink later] (Toru)

[Sure thing] (Deet)

Deet also agreed. There are things I'd like to ask from the two.

The two of us are waiting for Lia on the tatami mats in the Japanese-style room. Sitting next to me is a beautiful elf in bloomers. When our eyes meet.....

[What!? Hmph.....] (Deet)

She says so and averted her eyes from me. She doesn't seem pleased that I also bought bloomer and a school swimsuit for Lia.

But surely she is just being "Tsun-Tsun"..... Giving such cold attitude in bloomers is just cute.

(TL : From Tsundere = Tsun-Tsun : cold / Dere-Dere : meek)

When I watching Deet's figure who turn her face to the other way to avoid me, the sliding door of the Japanese-style room opened and there is Lia standing.

[H-How is it? Does it suit me?] (Lia)

A goddess in stark blue has descended. Healthy hip line that have volume and roundness well-developed thoroughly until her thighs is so.....

[I'd like to make it a pillow] (Toru)

[Eh? Make a pillow?] (Lia)

The pillow that is used to sleep in this room flew to my face from the hand of an elf in bloomers’s.

Asking whether the clothes suit her or not, Lia who's being told I want make her a pillow sat on the tatami mats with a strange look.

Oh well, it's tea time!! I ask what they would like to drink, and it's suprisingly cola.

[Cola was spicy at the beginning, but it's quite tasty after I drink it twice, thrice times] (Lia)

Lia seems to have gotten addicted to cola. Deet smiles with a grin while drinking cola for some reason.

[Oh yeah, cola which Toru-sama had me drink was exceptional, fufufu.....] (Deet)

Guhee!! She won't tell Lia that I made her drink it using mount-to-mouth, right?

I did nothing to be ashamed of. I just made her drink cola that way to save her from posion.

I covered her mouth with my hands when Lia isn't looking. Her face telling that she won't speaking more than that.

Well, there are such things but it's a wonderful time regardless. I drink cola with with two beauties in bloomers on the tatami mats.

However, that man came destroying my little paradise.

*ding-dong!! ding-dong!!*

Doorbell? Huh? Is that coming from the dungeon?

[What is that sound? I'm scared!!] (Lia)

Lia is frightened by the sound of electronic doorbell. Well, it's a normal reaction because she surely never heard an electronic doorbell sound in the medieval world. But a visitor, who on earth is that?

[Suzuki-san? Are you inside? I from NNK I came for the contract~]

What!? Is there NNK in the dungeon?

I see the face of the two, they seems to be confused so I guess they know nothing as expected. In other words, is that coming from Japan?

Oh well, I don't watch TV. Games, internet, and iPhone are enough for me. NNK is nothing to fear.

[Wh-What is that? A contract!?] (Lia)

Well, of course Lia is getting more scared. The sound of electronic doorbell, a wiseman who lives in the deep of dungeon, and now a mysterious man appears to offer some kind of contract.

[It might be a dark magician. You two please wait here, I will deal with it] (Toru)

I can't show a blonde beautiful woman and an elf who are in bloomers to this NNK fellow. He might missunderstand and think I have some kind of twisted hobby. In the worst case, I will get reported.

[Is this safe to go alone?] (Lia)

[Don’t worry because I’m the great wiseman~] (Toru)

When I approaching the entrance door, it opened without permission. Outside was Japan thats filled with the smell of exhaust gas.

[Hello, I'm from NNK. Suzuki-san seems to have just move in here. If you have a TV, would you sign a contract with us!?]

[Please don't open the door without permission!!] (Toru)

Damn, I forgot to lock the door and this guy really didn't have any manners at all.

However, how could he know I just move in to this apartment? Well, there is no TV here.

[There is no TV here] (Toru)

[Eh? Really? There is no TV?]

[Internet will be enough] (Toru)

[But are you not going to watch one-segment program on your mobile?]

(TL : I don’t understand about this one-segment stuff, please do tell me if you know something)

[Because it's an iPhone, I don’t need it] (Toru)

I said so while smiling nicely, but this NNK fellow didn't budge at all.

[Living in such a wonderful place. You must have a TV or two, right?]

[No, there is not] (Toru)

[Well, just a bit.....]

The NNK fellow is trying to enter without permission through half-opened door which reflects scenery of Japan.

[Stop it!!] (Toru)

[It's fine if there is no TV. Just give me a moment~]

[No thanks!! Please don't enter the house without permission!!] (Toru)

There are two people in bloomers inside and I absolutely don't want to show them.

But this NNK fellow is quite strong. As expected of an employee from a TV station which only broadcasting sumo wrestling, I guess.

I have been forced into sumo battle immediately. He will be entering the room at this rate.

The door is completely closed but then opened again. When his body passed through the entrance, a beautiful woman with blonde hair pushed the door back together with the man, from behind me. The NNK fellow got blown off and fell on his back inside an utterly dark room

[Oh, it's a dungeon. I see, I get it now..... it's connected to Japan when the door is opened from the outside and when the door is opened from inside, it's connected to dungeon] (Toru)

When I just moved in, I had to bring the furniture in so the door was kept open untill the end. Because of that the people from the moving company could came in and out through the door without a problem.

[However, is he alright? He won’t die, right?] (Toru)

The power of 【Strength】 status that Lia raised through leveling-up and her occupation effects, sent the NNK fellow flying back like a human bullet. Perhaps, it exceeds the morning blue dragon power.

(TL : I don’t know what is this morning blue dragon thing. A sumo wrestler’s name perhaps?)

[Because he is a dark magician, I'm sure this degree isn't a big deal for him] (Lia)

Is that so? I hope so. Good luck NNK fellow. Just as Lia said, he stood back like nothing happened.

[Suzuki-san, this is troubling me. You really have a TV inside as expected. Then the contract..... wa-wait where is this!?]

Well, that is a normal reaction because he is inside a dungeon now. Even so, this NNK fellow is tough.

[Using some kind of illusion trick because you don't want to make a contract with our company. Isn't this a bit overkill..... *gyapipipi*]

Deet stood behind the NNK fellow before I realize it.

[Stun Shock] (Deet)

I understood that magic by its name. That would be some kind of magic with the effect like a stun gun.  For the time being, I bring this NNK fellow inside the room.

The door was distorted and couldn't be closed unless using some force. It seems I better not to anger Lia.

[Is that magic will leave any damage to the body?] (Toru)

I ask Deet secretly.

[He will be fine. It's just make body numb for a while] (Deet)

After hearing that, I bring the NNK fellow oustide through the window. I put him at the end of road as not to get run over by a car. I pick up empty cans of beer from the garbage area around and arrange them side by side.

[I will check the news later just in case.....] (Toru)

He is really a staunch man. It seems that rather than two beautiful women in bloomers, whether there is a TV or not inside is more important for him.

[Hmm..... You might be a deadman by now if you intruding when there are only the two inisde] (Toru)

I do not want to make the two murderers. But thanks to him, I understand another mechanism of this property.

**Proofreader : Truffle**

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
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    1. that's one way to increase network viewership...illegally

    2. I get the feeling that if you slammed the door in his face he would slam it back open with a businessman smile...

    3. @obnuchious & Nonya:
      NNK is probably changed from the correct initials of the intstitution in order to avoid any kind of trouble.

      The correct initials are NHK.
      NHK is Japan's national public broadcasting organization - a publicly owned corporation funded by viewers' payments of a television license fee

      So it probably is obligatory by law to make a contract with them if you have a TV in Japan.

      And as such any Japanese household will probably either have to sign a contract with them or let an employee check their flat / house for the presence of a TV in case they refuse the contract.

  2. .     ∧_∧ Thanks!!
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    1. Forgot to say this, One-Segment or Oneseg for short is like a tv channel exclusive for mobile devices like cellphones, psp,etc.

    2. they have something like that? i kinda curious

  3. And thats why you always lock the door even if you or someone is home, because of, uninvited visitors.

    Toru is a much bigger man than I. If it were me, I'd shut the door and lock him out to fend for himself in the other world dungeon for the goblins to find. Depending on how you look at it, I could be doing him a favor since it's every web novel readers' dream to go to another world.

    1. considering the door also leads to a monster-infested dungeon there are worse things than NHK on the other side, he's got to be an idiot not to remember to lock it!
      (your mileage may vary as to whether packs of murderous goblins are worse than door-to-door salesmen.)

  4. Thank you so much for the chapter!

  5. I feel as though the writer has something against door to door salesmen.

    1. That's because NHK door-to-door fee collectors come by every month and are that annoying (but the "NNK" guy in this story actually broke Japanese law - they can't enter a home without permission from the owner). In fact, there's even a political party that is entirely dedicated to "protecting the people and citizens form the NHK."

      They are THAT annoying.

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  10. Fun Fact: "NNK" (NHK) has no legal authority to enter your home without your permission. You could open your door and have a dozen televisions all playing NHK hooked up right behind you and tell them to pound sand and leave and - legally - they have to (although obviously they're going to be back if you're THAT obvious). And, in fact, there's actually guides (both for native Japanese and foreigners) on how to get them to GTFO. "I don't have a TV" and "I don't actually live here" are some of the more popular ways to get them to leave.

    Another way is simply not answering the door.

  11. "It's nice to have two beautiful women greet me when I come home. It would be even more pleasant if I could use the front door, not the window."

    Actually - why can't he use the front door? He came in through it before when he arrived. The Movers came in through it when they delivered his stuff. (later in the story another person does this also) He can't go OUT of it because it leads to the dungeon, but if he is in the hallway of his building and opens the door to his apartment, it should go to his apartment. It doesn't go to the dungeon from outside his apartment, that has been demonstrated. Has he forgotten how it works?

    1. update, I typed the above before reading the entire passage...after reading further....I was being sarcastic when I said it, but yes, apparently he did actually forget how his own apartment door works! Wow. Low INT score much?? How do you forget how you got into your own apartment??

  12. Please explain again why he is *still* lying to Lia about the nature of reality? I understand why he did it at first, but I would think it would be better now to tell the truth so that when a random neighbor stops by to welcome him to the building or something like that Lia doesn't kill them.....


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