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1.15 - The Skill’s Side Effects Seems Dangerous

I don't have to worry about monsters appearing in this part of the dungeon anymore. Even if monsters appear, there is magician girl, Deet next to me. I check the status with peace of mind.

[Ou!! The level went up because I defeated great centipede!! But the effects from food have disappeared!!] (Toru)

[Let me see! Let me see!] (Deet)

Deet said wanting to see my status.

[Wait a second. I will write it down..... here!] (Toru)


: Tooru Suzuki
: Human
: 21
: Unemployed
: 4  / ∞
Physical Power
: 23/23
Magical Power
: 36/36
Attack Power
: 118
Defense Power
: 44
: 14
: 25   
: 19
: No-Limits Growth


[Let’s see] (Deet)

Deet received my memo happily but deep inside my heart, there was little resistance feeling. I don't want to show her my status because it says I'm unemployed.

[So your real name is Tooru not Toru, age 21. You are young.....] (Deet)

Come to think  of it, I heard that elves are long-lived. How old is Deet?

[How old is Deet?] (Toru)

[I will be about the same age as Toru in human's life-span] (Deet)

[How many years is that?] (Toru)

[I will tell you later] (Deet)

I want to know but I also don’t want to know.

[Occupation is unemployed] (Deet)

Damn. She read aloud the sad part. Or rather, this is written in monster languages (kanji) can she read it?

[Though it’s just level 4, but you have No-Limits Growth skill huh] (Deet)

[I have it since beginning, what of it?] (Toru)

[That skill is the best, I would give anything to get that skill] (Deet)

[Seriously? Lucky me!!] (Toru)

However, although Deet said the skill is the best, it seems that doesn't work the same way for me.

[If only..... Toru was long-lived race like elf. Human life span is short] (Deet)

[What do you mean?] (Toru)

According to Deet, no-limits growth is late-blooming type of skill as expected. Moreover, this skill doesn't suit with human's life span.

There are means to defeat a myriad of weak monsters for a long-lived race like elf to level up safely, but for human there are constraints of life span, this skill is useless unless they fight strong monsters to level up faster. Of course, they often lose their live in the process.

[Incidentally, great centipede is not a monster for people with one digit level to fight. That is very strong enemy that should not appear in this floor in the first place. You were lucky] (Deet)

[Is that so? By the way about Unemployed job.....]

I'm not a great wiseman, will this unemployed occupation stick to me forever?

[Occupation here is the person's disposition. It doesn't mean the way you make living will be displayed here. There are some adventurer with this occupation too. But well, most of people with this occupation are really unemployed people] (Deet)

Deet seems trying to encourage me for being unemployed with this and that, but I’m not paying attention.

Now it's time to check Deet's status. Under the cloak that covered her body.....

[Now it’s Deet's turn to check the status. Then show me whether you are wearing it properly, don't hide it under the cloak] (Toru)

[That’s, umm.....] (Deet)

Deet take off the mantle with her hand. Beneath the cloak was spreading a school swimsuit with stark-blue color.

[Oooo.....!!] (Toru)

In the black leather bondage fashion outfits her chest was going with *boing-boing*, but in the stretching restraint of school swimsuit her chest was going with *byon-byon*. Moreover, her thighs and buttocks are splendidly exposed.

[Th-These clothes, it's embarrassing, does it really increase my status?] (Deet)

[Yeah, of course..... I think!!] (Toru)

Deet started to check her status while complaining.

[O-o-o-o!! Defensive power increased 200 point with such stretching clothes!? Moreover the limit of my level also increased??] (Deet)

[I want to see it. Write it down, write it down please] (Toru)


: Deet Macaroon
: High Elf
: 221
: Magician
: 47/48
Physical Power
: 71/71
Magical Power
: 149/149
Attack Power
: 38
Defense Power
: 258
: 22
: 198 (+38 UP)
: 66

   【Skills】 : Attack Magic 7/10, Support Magic 3/10, Ancient Magic 4/10, Cast Shortening 6/10


Macaroon, it’s a cute family name..... But let’s not mention her age.

[Since the elves live for about 1000 years, it’s about 20 years old in human’s life-span, right? But our appearance doesn’t age forever] (Deet)

I didn't touch that matter but she explained herself casually. It's pretty crazy logic, for 221 years to be equated with 22 years old. I ignore that part and see her status.

[Your level almost hit maximum huh] (Toru)

[That's wrong!!] (Deet)

[Hmm?] (Toru)

[It's has been on maximum level before. It should not have increased anymore no matter how much efforts I made and yet, it's increased. These clothes is the best!!] (Deet)

I am glad that you are so happy. It was really worth I bought the school swimsuit at Don Quijote's cosplay corner. But what will happen if she takes off the clothes. I feel something strange.

[Well, it's good that your defensive power has increased quite a lot] (Toru)

[Right? Even though it was just some kind of thin stretching cloth] (Deet)

Deet happily pinched the school swimsuit that tightly covered her body. Everything she does is somewhat sexy.

[That reminds me, there is a good old tradition of bikini armor. The swimsuit system may be the one with the highest defensive powers] (Toru)

[What is bikini armor?] (Deet)

[Because it’s being sold in Japan, let's go buy it next time] (Toru)

[Yeah!] (Deet)

Well, though it’s not bikini armor but just normal bikini. Because she seems happy, the details doesn't matter.

[I would like to wear those gym clothes] (Deet)

[Do you also want to try this?] (Toru)

[Yeah, please turn back!!] (Deet)

Women like to dress up in every world. But is she seriously going to change in this place? Well, because I'd like to see her in bloomers, I have no objections. I obediently turn my body back. I can hear Deer humming happily from behind. She is really changing her clothes behind me.

[E-e-e-e-e-e-h? Impossible, what is this? Why, e-e-e-e-e-h?] (Deet)

Suddenly the humming voice of Diet changes to cry. I looked back in panic..... she was in her birthday suit.

[Wh-Wh-What's happen?] (Toru)

I ask the reason she cried out while covering my eyes with my fingers with little gaps opened.

[Even when I take off the school swimsuit, my maximum level did not decrease back] (Deet)

[Eh? What does that mean?] (Toru)

[I don't know, but my level was supposed have had already hit the limit at 47/47..... Even after I took off the school swimsuit, it remained 47/48 for some reason..... just a little] (Deet)

It seems Deet had thought of something.

[I’m sure this is the reason] (Deet)

This? What is This? The moment I thought about it, Deet brought her face closer to me.

[Mch? Mmm~~~!!!] (Toru)

Once again I taste the soft feeling of Deet’s lips on mine.

[Puhaaa~] (Deet)

Deet took a deep breath. I cried out the moment I could talk.

[Wa-Wait!! What are you doing suddenly?] (Toru)

[..........] (Deet)

Deet didn't say anything when I asked.

[Are you listening.....?] (Toru)

[----------I DID IT!!!!] (Deet)

E-e-e-e-e-e-h? I don't understand what's going on.

[What you just did? More importantly, please put on some clothes!!] (Toru)

[Hmm? Clothes? Kyaaaaaaaaa!!!] (Deet)

Did she just noticed that she was naked?

It seems she was carried away by the situation. Deet quickly wore the gym clothes. She crouched a little with a crimson face and pulled down the gym clothes with her hand to hide the stark blue bloomer. She tried to conceal it but she couldn't completely hide her big rounded butt.

I don't know the reason she is being embarrassed, because of bloomers or because I saw her naked.

[So, why did you suddenly cried out earlier?] (Toru)

[So-Sorry!!] (Deet)

Deet's skin is beautifully white but it has different power when her face is blushing red..... moreover in bloomers.

[No, I’m not angry so please explain it] (Toru)

[That..... kiss with Toru] (Deet)

[Ki-Ki-Kiss with me?] (Toru)

[Because of that the growth limit of my levels has risen.....] (Deet)

Eh? Whaaaat? Does that mean the level limit will increase when someone kisses me?

**Proofreader : Ninetail Vixen**

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  1. >kiss increase your upper level limit
    Hoo boy, I hope this doesn't turn into a R-18 novel. IIRC there's actually a novel with that premise, doing ero things to get a boost.

    Thanks for the translation!

    1. No it's not, at most slight ecchi but it's not the focus of the series.

    2. There are several novels where they can get some type of boosts by doing ero things, but not necessarily the same type of boost for each novel.

    3. read a novel of some guy with communication issue being reborn with negotiation skills/perk and turned into a breast milk fetish as a focus...ah was disappointed

    4. It's make me remember certain heal hero.....

  2. Ty for the chapter!

    The age and job are reversed btw

    1. perhaps she want to "deceive" him by misplace the correct data

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    More kisses incoming~

  4. Now imagine other more extreme exchange of bodily fluids....I am talking about blood transfusion you pervs.....

    1. Right... because any man will think of that first..

    2. Oh yes blood transfusion, first thing to come to mind. We need to transfer blood to make a certain part stronger and stiffer. So it can transfer bodily fluids

  5. ∩―――――∩
    || ヘ_ヘヘ_ヘ♡|
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    ( ノ  ⌒   ⌒\
    \  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||

  6. Imagine if it were to go both ways.
    He gets a bit of experience, the other party gets a slight increase in max level (maybe past 50 its no longer a full level).
    That would be THE setup for a hentai plot.

  7. i'm liking deet more then lia. lia just accepted everything

    1. lia is figter strength based type, mage is int based, it is natural for her to be more analytic, questioning

  8. you can share your skill that way as well.

  9. In the raws, her name has an '=' in between. What does it mean?

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    1. i think it was implied french type kiss already

  11. give me that power pwsss
    Thanks For The Chapter :D

  12. I found some illustrations on tweeter of this WN. Do you have those?

  13. The my room has become a dungeon. In the main page the volume two pages aren't hyperlinked. I have to go through the pages manually.
    Also, change the colour of the main page's text so we can see which pages are complete and which ones are coming. I have to put my cursor over the pages just to see if you have them up.

  14. Thank u always for ur great work...

    Nice effect there sukumizu...

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