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1.14 - I Confessed To Elf Magician Girl

The magician girl threw her arms around me and before I realized it,  she has brought me down. From the top of her black leather outfit, two giant slime squeezing my face.

[Eeeeeee!? Wh-What’s with this situation?] (Toru)

[Do you dislike it?]

[I-I-I don’t dislike it, just my head can't catch up with the situation] (Toru)

I am on the top of magician girl when a sliding door of the Japanese-style room suddenly opened with *paaan*.

[Toru-sama? Where have you been? Suddenly disappeared, I am so worried, really worried!] (Lia)

Lia's whine echoed inside the room. The three of us had faces as if shouting --[ [ [ Ah? ] ] ]-- with eyes wide open, at the same time. I  was the first one to quickly recover from this situation.

[O-Oh, Let me introduce you. The same as you, I found her collapsed  inside dungeon.... ] (Toru)

The moment I said so, magician girl eyes turn sharp while looking at Lia. Eeh?

[Alia the meddlesome knight? Why are you here?]

What? Does this magician girl is Lia’s acquaintance? Then, Lia also shouts to magician girls behind me.

[Deet-san the loner magician!? What were you doing with Toru-sama??] (Lia)

[Oh? Are you an acquaintance?] (Toru)


We moved to dining room as the dawn is coming, the dining table over there has become the center of our meeting place.

[In short, the two of you is a fellow member of adventurer guild in this dungeon city..... what should I say..... I can tell that you are not very friendly with each other] (Toru)

They seem to be an acquaintance, but their relationship is not that good because the difference of their style and policy about dungeon exploration that made them often quarreled.

They avoided looking at each other party's eyes, even though they sat  face-to face on the chair right now.

[But right now, both of you are in the same situation here, so I'd like you two to try get along. Anyway, let's go to bed. Both of you should take rest a little more] (Toru)

Lia opened her mouth. It seems she want to complain about Deet.

[If Toru-sama says so, I don't mind getting along with her. But Deet-san was doing something strange to Toru-sama awhile ago!!] (Lia)

Deet’s mouth formed a smile.

[Oh my, I did nothing strange. We elves are few in number, is it wrong to try to get along with human male? Are great wiseman-sama and you haven't do it?] (Deet)

[● ☓ ※ ▲ ■! ▼ ◯ ◆ ☓!!!] (Lia)

Lia argues with language that I don't understand. It seems this is their normal interaction. The story is going around in circles at this rate, so I decide to ignore it and continue.

[Magician girl..... I mean Deet-san, you are the one who need to rest the most here. You haven't fully recovered from the poison, so use my bed to sleep. I and Lia will sleep on tatami mats here] (Toru)

[That's right!! That's a good idea!!] (Lia)

Lia agreed with my suggestion and smiled the whole face. But the magician girl, Deet-san opposed the idea.

[Lia!! That's not good!! We can't do that!!] (Deet)

[Why is that?] (Lia)

[Do you really think you will let great wiseman-sama to sleep here while I use his bed, the best place to sleep? Do you still call yourself a knight? Great wiseman-sama will sleep on the bed alone, let’s us sleep together on the tatami mats] (Deet)

Deet poked a place that would be the most painful for Lia as a knight. Lia opened and closed her mouth but no sound came out. I also couldn't voice out that I wanted to sleep with Lia.


Several times had passed since then. I was lying exhausted on the bed inside a dark room. In the Japanese-style room next door, Lia and Deet-san were already sleeping.

[I’m tired.....] (Toru)

I am exhausted inside but couldn't sleep. Well of course. Just one day after I moving out and meet Lia, and another beautiful girl are staying in my room now. Moreover this time is a beautiful elf magician.

[I wonder what she was going to give me before, could it be..... Deet-san’s..... No, No, such a foolish thought] (Toru)

In this age, I could understand myself. Grandma told me that I was handsome, that was me in her eyes, but I knew that wasn't a general public opinion. I never actually thought myself as a handsome man.

[For a moment, I also thought that Lia have a special feelings for me. But I'm sure it wasn't a love feeling but a respect because she mistaken me as a wiseman. So sad..... let's sleep] (Toru)

Let’s sleep so I can forget everything.

I was lying down on my bed in sideways position alone. But when I turned my body to the other side, I noticed someone was lie down next to me in the same position, our eyes met.

[ !!!!! ] (Toru)

When I was about to raise a big scream, my mouth was covered by a hand.

[Shhhh!! Quiet down great wiseman-sama!!] (Deet)

Deet-san was there.  I was really surprised and wanted to complain.

[Deet-san, what is this? Has it been decided that I will sleep here alone?] (Toru)

[That's~~~ don't you want to know about what I want to give you in return for saving me before? What was great wiseman-sama just imagined?] (Deet)

GEEEEEEEH!!! I wonder if she heard me thinking aloud short while ago!? Since when was she here?

Deet-san breath out a hot sigh. This person seems to be able radiating her sex appeal just by her voice alone inside this dark room.

[Wa-Wait!! Please don't say something irresponsible!! I will get angry!!] (Toru)

[Shhhh~~~ sorry, sorry. Please keep it down or that girl will wake up!! I just came to talk with only the two of us] (Deet)

[Talk? What do you want to talk about?] (Toru)

[Toru-sama is not a great wiseman, aren’t you? I heard you muttered so a while ago] (Deet)

Ughh..... I have been found out. Or it's like I unintentionally told her myself.

I don't know whether it's because I have been found out, or because I can feel hot breath of a beautiful girl on my face, but my heart is beating so fast.

But it's not good to deceive people. I lied to Deet-san last time in order to bring her to rest in this place. There is no need for it anymore. I looked at Deet-san eyes and told her.

[Sorry, I am not a wiseman] (Toru)

I told her the truth. The she told me something with a serious tone, though I'm not sure with the content.

[Hee~~ Toru-sama is not just cute but also a gentleman] (Deet)

[Please don’t tease] (Toru)

[I trully think so..... if it’s not, I won’t say I will give it to you.....] (Deet)

[Huh?] (Toru)

[Because Toru-sama told the truth, I will also tell my secret. I have never done anything with anyone..... I am a virgin elf] (Deet)

[Whaaaaaat!?] (Toru)

That come out of nowhere, surprising the hell outta me.

Speaking of which, elf is a long-lived race, but she didn’t touch the topic about her age. Deet-san says another thing while stuttering to change the subject.

[I-I-I-I-I am quite familiar with artifacts, unlike Lia. Bu-Bu-But I have never seen any artifacts in this room. Ca-Can you explain what is this?] (Deet)

Unlike Lia, I found out that Deet-san hated to team up with other adventurer; she exploring dangerous area inside the dungeon alone. That's why people call her a loner magician, an oddball adventurer.

I wonder whether I can tell such person about this apartment, but from our exchange, I feel that she can be trusted. I talked about everything I experienced until today to her.


[Another world? The fairy world, so it's not just an illusionary world huh?] (Deet)

[Probably..... no, it's neither a fairy world nor a fantasy world. Do the world of fairy have something like this?] (Toru)

I took out my iPhone from pocket. I played a music in low volume while its screen shining. A surprised Deet-san's figure was transmitted inside this dark room.

[No but..... I just still can’t believe that other world actually existed] (Deet)

[I couldn’t believe it either...... Moreover I’m not a great wiseman or anything, I’m just a common person that you can find anywhere in my world] (Toru)

I said with a self-mockery feeling. I'm afraid of Deet-san's reaction, but I don't know what kind of face she has because it's utterly dark. When I waited for her to say something, I feel something soft and a little moist touch my forehead.

[Muu..... That common person has saved my life with his courage and gentleness. There has nothing to do with your identity] (Deet)

I can tell her face is close to mine because of her voice and her breath. I thought that there would be a continuation after the kiss so I closed my eyes without meaning, even though it was dark. However, it seems there is no continuation.

[Well then shall we go before she gets up?] (Deet)

[Where?] (Toru)

[Dungeon!! I will teach you about skills and the world where I live] (Deet)

It's regrettable because there is no continuation, but I will appreciate it. Deet-san laughing happily and says.

[Please teach me about world where Toru lives in exchange] (Deet)

**Proofreader : Niel**

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