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1.13 Without Misunderstanding, Something Serious Is Going To Happen

I push the cola from my mouth to her mouth in this manner. Of course there is possibility that the cola will enter her respiratory tract instead, or it doesn't work against this kind of poison, but she will die for sure if I don't do something. It's not the time to be confused.

For me, this is the first time doing this mouth-to-mouth act, her mucous membrane taste like iron because of her blood. It seems that I managed to pour the cola into her stomach somehow.

[*cough*  This is.... my body feels better]

The magician girl talked. It seems that she has recovered a little.

[I had you take a panacea. Now, drink it more!!] (Toru)

I don't know whether cola is truly panacea, but at times like this I need to say it with full of confidence and it really worked. With a little hesitant, the magician girl drank the cola until the last drop because she believed to my words.

[It seems that the poison has really gone because of this black water. The taste is strange like a medicine. Is it a medicine? Though it's sweet but it's also spicy at the same time....]

The magician girl stand up unsteadily but it seems her legs are still weak.

[You look better but it seems your body hasn't fully recovered even when the poison has gone. Come with me, there is a safe place for rest in the vicinity] (Toru)

The magician girl just looking at me with a suspicious eyes when I say so. Well, that make sense. Helmet with headlight, tracksuits, and pickaxe, of course people in the world of the dungeon side have  never seen a person with such an appearance. But what she said next is completely different matter.

[Do it here if you are going to attack me]

[Eh? what do you mean....] (Toru)

[I would prefer if you are alone rather than being ganged with your friend. Is that also better for you?]

[Wh-What are you talking about?] (Toru)

[I don't have food or items as you can see, so your aim must be "that" right?]

The magician girl shoves out her thigh from inside the black cloak a little. It seems she wore a black leather leotard under the cloak. Her thighs are strangely captivating. I wonder if the people from the world of the dungeon side have a habit of showing off their thighs to people they just met?

However.... because we were attacked by a great centipede and she was about to die, I had no time to look at her properly but this magician girl is a super beauty. Of course Lia is beautiful and cute. There was slightly hard feeling, but this magician girl is also a perfect beauty.

I couldn't say anything about her glossy lips that I took away before. Come to think of it, this is the first time in my life to kiss a girl.

I put both my knees and both my arms on the ground.

[Aaa~ I wanted a more normal one for my first time, No-No-No, Lia and grandma it’s not like that! Why did Lia’s name came up? No-No-No, It’s misunderstanding!!] (Toru)

The magician girl girl absentmindedly looking at me who is spouting gibberish-like excuse to myself.

[What’s misunderstanding? You put your lip on mine me by force a short while ago? Such a thing is....]

I am screwed up. This is bad.... is she conscious at that time?

[So-Sorry, it’s to help you drink the medicine] (Toru)

[Eh? What? Are you not helping me because is going to assault me later?]

[Assault?] (Toru)

The magician girl asked so with a little red face.

[You aren't like people who live on the ground no matter how I look at it? I never saw such clothes before]

[What are you saying? That’s wrong!] (Toru)

[Then what is it? That unusual appearance!]

It can’t be helped. It’s going to be complicated if she’s still think of me as a suspicious person. She should take a proper rest soon for her own sake.

[I am a wi-wi-wiseman who hid himself in the dungeon because I dislike a secular way of life] (Toru)

I use Lia's misunderstanding as an excuse. The magician girl looked at me with suspicion for a while but it seems she has trusted me in the end. She reach out her arm.

[What is this?] (Toru)

[You are going to take me to a safe place for rest, don't you? I can't walk yet so lend me your shoulder]

[Yeah sure] (Toru)

We began to walk towards the room, then the magician girl muttered something in small voice.

[Umm.... thanks for a little while ago and sorry for saying a strange thing to a person who saved my life]

[Don't mind it. Grandma taught me to help people in need] (Toru)

[You are really a nice person. I would first think a gain and a loss before act if it was me.....]

[Think?] (Toru)

I don't understand what this magician girl is talking about since a while ago.

[To be done..... or get done.....]

[I don’t really understand, but I will take you to a safe place anyway] (Toru)

[Yeah. If it’s your purpose..... oh well.....]

The magician girl suddenly entrusted her whole weight to me.

[Are you okay?] (Toru)

[Sorry. Thanks to a medicine that the poison has been healed, but it seems my stamina has reached the limit. I leave everything to you. You can take me anywhere you like]

Like before, I don't understand what this magician girl is talking about. However, because I ate Chi-kama that raised 【Strenght】 status and the level rise, it’s not that heavy.

We are moving forward with head to head being close, she is indeed beautiful. There is shining brooch on her chest that seems illuminating the cave. Unlike headlight, there is no directivity so the light spread all over, showing her chest in clear view. Under that black leather clothes was filled with a man’s dream, something *boing-boing* that almost to burst out.

[Mouu..... how far is that place..... please take me there in hurry.....]

[Ah so-so-sorry just a little more. Look, it’s the strange doors over there?] (Toru)

The magician girl showed a dubious face when I pointed the entrance door on stone wall.


[What’s wrong?] (Toru)

[There is only stone walls not a strange door]

[What did you say?] (Toru)

[Wait!! You are a bandit after all!! Just as I thought, let me go!!]

The magician girl started running wild in her weak condition for some reason. It's just a little more so I forcibly take her in front of the entrance door.

[Is this stone wall?] (Toru)

[It’s a stone wall no matter how you look at it!!]

I open the door. I could see the interior of my apartment’s room from there.

[Is this still stone wall?] (Toru)

[I told you.....]

I forcibly bring her inside the room.

[What is this, wa wa wa wa wa, I am being sucked into the wall..... eh???]

The magician girl looking at the room with her eyes wide open. I see, that kind of mechanism huh. This didn't happened because Lia was unconscious when I brought her in, but it seems for people from the world of the dungeons side, it just looks like a plain stone wall. But now, the magician girl was able to enter the room.

Let’s see, Lia couldn’t get out to Japan from the window, I couldn’t pass through to the other side of iron door, so how could it works this time? That’s it, the method probably we have to get in touch with people from the respective world.

[What is going on? What is this place?]

Well, let’s make sure of this for a later time. For now let’s take the magician girl to Japanese-style room to rest. Actually, I would like her to use the bed but Lia was sleeping there right now.

[Over there] (Toru)


I turn off the headlight so there is only the magician girl's brooch that still emitting a light. I make her to lie down on tatami while almost like I was embrace her.

I puts the biggest bath towel under her head as a substitute of pillow and then touches her forehead with my hand but it seems there she has no fever.

[How are you feeling?] (Toru)

[I am fine but it’s very surprising.....]

I guess so. She wouldn’t think there was such a place inside a dungeon. I didn’t think there was a dungeon either.

[Are you really a wiseman?]

[That’s..... Ummm.....] (Toru)

Though I lied to her before because of the situation but it was unnecessary right now. Lia seems to misunderstanding without permission but I am at loss if she ask me whether I was really a wiseman or not.

[Well, it doesn’t matter who are you..... fufufu]

[Ah, is that so] (Toru)

She seems to be a carefree person. She slowly removed her black pointed hat and cloak to make it more comfortable and black clothes like  a swimsuits became apparent. I am troubled about where should I look. I shook my face.

[I know what you think but It would be hard for me to sleep if I wear such a thing]

Oh, that's right. Certainly it will be difficult to sleep. The most important thing is to make her comfortable. This is for the sake of recovery process. Huh? when I look closely, the magician girl’s ears are sharp.

[Eh? Eh? are you perhaps an elf?] (Toru)

[That’s right, did you not notice it? All human men are like it, right? Come! Look!]

As I was surprised, the female magician entangled her arms around my neck and dragged my body towards hers.

[Wa-wait!! What are you doing?] (Toru)

[There was a misunderstanding at first but I want to give something in return for saving my life]

Eh, give me what? I don’t know what she is talking about, it’s true that she is beauty and sexy but Lia was sleeping in the next room and this position is misleading. Thus something serious was going to happen.

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