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1.10 The Matter I Think About How To Utilize [No-Limits Growth] Skill

After finishing our dinner, Lia also helped me to wash the dishes. We huddled together in a narrow sink to wash the dishes. I don’t mind having 10 more times dirty dishes just for today.

[This please] (Toru)

[Yes~] (Lia)

I removed the stains with a sponge and detergent while Lia wash it with water. Lia’s dinner was all eaten cleanly, so was mine.

[It was really delicious, especially the dish called hamburger steak!] (Lia)

[I see, I’m glad to hear that] (Toru)

[Combination of egg yolk mixed with sauce is so.... amazing~] (Lia)

I'm really glad to made it from the bottom of my heart.

[By the way, are hamburger steak, rice, and salad also artifacts that has special effects like cola from before?] (Lia)

Wh-What is this suddenly.... I think they are just an ordinary ingredients with ordinary recipe rather than some artifacts.

[Normally, I heard it’s just temporary though, but there are very precious medicine artifacts with such effects. I can feel my physical strength and magical power have risen somehow! Is Toru-sama’s dishes also that kinds of artifacts?] (Lia)

What is that? I don’t know how to answer even you ask me.... but certainly, cooking inside the game can have such an effects.

[You couldn’t check the status inside here, was it?] (Toru)

I said so to Lia. --[I just understood, fufufu~]-- she looked at me faced-up and laughed.

Probably she was still unable to see her status. Instead of saw it, she just felt it. When I laugh back ambiguously, she tells me the other things.

[Cooking is amazing but Toru-sama living artifacts are more amazing] (Lia)

[Eh? Living artifacts?] (Toru)

[Yes, just as I said before but usually all artifacts are tools made for fighting] (Lia)

I see. If you think about it, warfare desires the best technology in any age. The budget poured onto it is also astronomical. I guess every world is like that.

[That’s why I love your living artifacts. Because Toru-sama lives deep inside a dungeon, I thought that Toru-sama was studying some fearful artifacts] (Lia)

[There was also a dangerous artifacts though] (Toru)

[Eh?] (Lia)

Lia showed a surprised face. There are guns or missile on earth.

[Not in this place] (Toru)

[Thanks god, that’s a relief] (Lia)

We almost finished washing the dishes. I invite Lia to take a seat before we talk about the promise from before. I want the information about the world on the dungeons side as much as possible. I put some tea and potato chips I bought this morning.

[What is this thing?] (Lia)

Lia takes one piece of potato chips with her hand cautiously.

[Some kinds of dessert after a meal, it’s a snack. Well, Just try it yourself!] (Toru)

Lia chewed the edge of a potato chips while making crunching sound. After finished one, she took another potato chips. Two pieces.... tree pieces....

[This is really delicious. I also feels my body become lighter somehow] (Lia)

Oh, I’m glad that she was pleased. But become lighter.... probably potato chips have an effects to temporary  raised 【Agility】 status. Let’s take note and try it later. Everything has been eaten before I noticed it.

[Ah, I am being disgraceful here....] (Lia)

[No, it’s fine] (Toru)

It’s easier if she is not being formal with me. My posture has been getting much better because matching her posture. Her back always stretched straight up.

It seems we will take some time because there are many things that I want to hear.... first of all lets ask about the status.

[By the way, I’d like to talk about the outside world soon] (Toru)

[Yes. Of course, it’s a promise] (Lia)

Lia replied with a smile. Hooray! First, I want to know about skills more than anything

[What is an example of unique skills on the outside world] (Toru)

[Huh? Unique skills? In that case, there are various skills but what’s particularly rare are 【Hero Determination】 or 【Dark Magic】 and many more] (Lia)

【Hero Detremination】 The more I listen the more I want to hear the details. However let’s lead her to answer my questions without being suspicious like the plan.

[On the outside, is 【No-Limits Growth】 skill is rare?] (Toru)

[ 【No-Limits Growth】 is it!? That’s a super rare skill!!] (Lia)

Hooray!! I’m the winner!!

[Just as I said earlier about 【Hero Detremination】 or 【Dark Magic】 skills, I think they are comparable. 【Unemployed】 profession also seems to be occasionally appear among people in the world] (Lia)

[Buhaa!! Go hoho buhaa!!] (Toru)

I spit out the tea because a word  “Unemployed” suddenly come out.

[Are you okay?] (Lia)

[I just got choked a little] (Toru)

It doesn’t go that well as expected

[ Is 【No-Limits Growth】 can be considered a strong skill?] (Toru)

It’s important because strong skills and rare skills are different matter.

[Of course it's strong but some people couldn’t utilize it well. You see, it’s hard to raise the level with that skill] (Lia)

It seems because it’s not a skill to use in combat. In the end, it comes to how to raise ones level. Even though I dislike fighting, it seems Lia’s fighter job is truly consisted with battle skills.

[Battle is the matter about life and death. The skill is strongest if you could use it to keep winning the battle. That’s not a defected skills, it just a super-late-bloomer type of skills] (Lia)

Though it’s a super rare skills but it seems to be a useless skill. However.... to put it in other words, I also could think it as the strongest skills that has a better potential than any other skills. The point is how I could keep winning the battle.

[Huh? Toru-sama, why are you laughing?] (Lia)

It seems I was laughing unintentionally.


In addition, I was also listening about her life inside a dungeon, we continued chatting and chatting until the night got late.

I’m still up since I have told my part-time job's place that I would take a break for a while due to moving. I’d like to go to Don Quijote to buy a tracksuits for pajamas.

[Shall we go out for a moment?] (Toru)

[Eh?] (Lia)

Lia put a surprised face. That’s right.... if you think carefully, we are inside the dungeon right now.

[Just kidding, it’s a joke] (Toru)

[Toru-sama is often making jokes? Fufufu~] (Lia)

[That....? I wonder what is going on?] (Toru)

[Wh-What happen?] (Lia)

I look at Lia’s face. She was just like a child who would believe anything I said.

Have you been in a Japanese-style room until now? In that case, there is a big windows enough for humans to get in and out. You can see Japan in full view over there.

Though we are inside the dungeon, why she didn’t find it strange until now?

[Say, is this underground right? Can you see stars on the night sky from here?] (Toru)

[Oh come on, Toru-sama. Are you teasing me? It’s obviously impossible right?] (Lia)

[Figures~~!] (Toru)

I doubt that the night view in the world on dungeons side and Japans are different. So why is it? I wonder if she thought the urban landscape at the other side of the window as an extension of the dungeon.

Certainly the building seems to be a little like a dungeon, but you really could see the night sky there. I invite Lia to the Japanese-style room.

[Wh-What is this suddenly?] (Lia)

[Just come here a little] (Toru)

[Ye-Yes] (Lia)

I brought Lia in front of the window where the outside sight is visible.

[What do you think of this?] (Toru)

[Even you ask me that....] (Lia)

[Just tell me your impression] (Toru)

Lia tilts her head.

[Even though there is a wall inside a dungeon, to make a glass window frame, Toru-sama is fashionable. From everything, I wish I could use this magical material for wall. Did you want to see a dungeons walls through a glass here?] (Lia)

[.....!?] (Toru)

What does she mean? Did Lia only see a dungeons wall at the other side of window? I tried to put half of my body through a window without say anything. Of course the outside is a usual Japan. But Lia was surprised with eyes wide open.

[A-Amazing. Is this a magic wall?] (Lia)

I decide to just step outside the window while at it.


In the end, I decide to go to Don Quijote alone and make Lia wait in the apartment. There was a thought to come together with her, but it’s better to go alone at the moment.

Even so, it’s a good thing I could meet Lia. Inside that property, who knows what accidents could happen over there. That real estate agent.... I going send a complain later.

First of all I buy a tracksuits. I buy food and drink just in case, also potato chips should not be forgotten. Do potato chips is really raised an 【Agility】 status?  I am going to do some experimenting later. It’s better to have two toothbrushes. Because I already own myself, I bought one for Lia.

There is no more goods I intended to buy today.... but I'd like go to see something in a certain corner. This is a security corner. There may be better to buy it through mail order but I’d like to see the goods that are being sold here as a sample. Something for observing a dungeon through PC is desirable.

[This front door type would be perfect, isn't it?] (Toru)

I was thinking whether I could put a surveillance camera inside a dungeon. Then, while watching the image from the camera that connected to a personal computer in the safe room, I beat the monsters with just one click! Further I looking into pet department.

[It's impossible to keep slime inside an iron cage as expected. Large acrylic aquarium would be better, I guess. But I’m not going to put it in the same room as me. I going to use it for various things inside the dungeon later] (Toru)

By the way, I was thinking about breeding a monsters in order to utilize 【No-Limits Growth】 skill. While securing a safety margin using tools I bought from Japan, I was thinking on how to defeat as many monsters
as possible.

**Proofreader : Truffle**



  1. Thanks for the chapter... then a simple laser can be a real death ray?

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